HNW’s Refinery – Turning Dreams Into Reality Now

Hot on the heels of the launch of their new corporate identity, HNW is ready to introduce their latest project to the world – the Refinery.

The Refinery, built on the Binance Smart Chain Network, is described by the HNW team as ‘your gateway to daily passive income’.

The token that operates the Refinery is HFUEL. By depositing and locking away HFUEL in the Refinery, investors can earn outstanding returns on their investments.

Your returns

The minimum daily ROI starts at 0.8% for an investment of HFUEL in the Refinery.

By holding and staking HNW, investors can increase their maximum payout up to 365% and also benefit from revenue generated by a referral system.

What makes this project even more attractive is that any investor who holds and stakes SK tokens, can increase their daily ROI to up to 1.2%. Interest is paid out daily in HFUEL.

When you look at the numbers it is easy to see why the Refinery is a solid and profitable project to get involved in. 

Refuel (Compound) or Claim?

Every day you can refuel (compound) your available interest or claim your HFUEL tokens into your wallet. 

Refueling is taxed at 5% and claiming is taxed at 15%.  When you refuel your interest, this is added to your deposit, which not only increases your maximum payout amount, but you will also increase your daily available HFUEL over time.  This is the power of compounded interest!

Get a Sidekick

To invest in the Refinery, you need a referral address which could be the originating address or one from a friend, acquaintance, or buddy. This referral is called your “Wingman”. This referral system rewards you for introducing new investors to the system. Once you set a Wingman, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely.   

To be someone else’s Wingman, give your BSC address to people you refer to the Refinery.  You can earn a share of the initial deposit made by investors you invite to the Refinery. You will need to have at least 15 xHNW in your wallet for the 1st level of referrals.  The Refinery supports teams up to 15 levels deep as long as you hold the necessary amount of xHNW in your wallet. 

TIP: Holding 250 xHNW not only covers the first 5 downline levels of your team but also sets your payout to the maximum amount of 365 percent!

The Refinery referral system includes the ability to reward the investors that are on your team. Using the Refinery dashboard, you can do team or individual airdrops to investors as a reward for their participation in the Refinery.


To ensure the sustainability of the Refinery, HNW has introduced a 15% tax on all claims. Buys, sells, deposits, compounds and transfers are taxed at 5%.

Whale Tax

The Refinery also includes a whale tax for investors that have large teams or for the largest Refinery positions of HFUEL.  As a position’s total claimed & available amount grows greater than 1% of the total support of HFUEL, there will be an additional tax added to the available claims amount. This tax, ranging from 0% to 50%, will depend on the size of the position                                

How to Get Started

Once launched, visit and select our APP. You will need HFUEL for your initial position in the Refinery.  Make sure you set your “Wingman” address.  You will start to earn interest based on your initial deposit and the daily interest rate set by the amount of xSK in your wallet (0.8% to 1.2% daily).

It takes most people at least 30 years to build a retirement fund to make it through their retirement. But why wait that long? The Refinery can help you achieve this in considerably less time, so why not join the HNW community and start building for your future?

The Refinery – turning dreams into reality.