Helping Pioneer The Newest Trend, ApolloRebase Shoots For The Stars

It seems that red candles and down trends have been a problem as of late. But that all changes with the pioneering of the rebase trend, which have been catching a lot of hype.

Allow me to introduce ApolloRebase (APR), a token that’s built on Binance Smart Chain. Unlike most tokens that have been recently launched, ApolloRebase features a function that can be life-changing in the long-term crypto space called rebase, which is a relatively new function for smart contacts and crypto everywhere.

Now what is rebase? It’s the essential process that a token experiences when the system automatically adjusts the tokens’ supply, up or down, to compensate for the demand. Rebase tokens are different from traditional coins and tokens as they do not have a fixed supply and usually have a target price. The biggest thing about rebase tokens is that you have to remember to focus on the percentage of the total supply you own and the actual value of your initial investment steadily increasing, and not to focus on the exact number of tokens (which will change).

Back to the project at hand: ApolloRebase. Their team felt like the crypto space needed a project that could offer much more stable pricing due to markets volatility being at an all-time high, so they came together to create a token that the community can invest in with less worry and far more confidence. The team is working hard to show their token’s integrity so their contact has already been audited by TechRate and Solidify Finance (audit links below), with an additional audit being released by Certik at project launch.

ApolloRebase sports an elastic circulating supply, which means the supply is always changing and adapting through the rebase system. The central notion behind the process is that instead of price volatility changing, the token supply itself changes through events, which are the rebases.

The token will continue the rebasing process until it reaches it’s price ceiling of $1 in January, which is when ApolloRebase will switch over and become an active stable token. This is also when the team also plans to open up their DEX where they will offer holders the ability to lend and borrow digital assets, staking, vesting vaults, and more. Investors that hold APR until the project reaches this point on it’s roadmap, will be airdropped the APR team’s expansion token which will also be BSC-based.

Don’t miss out on your shot at holding an interesting piece of BSC history. ApolloRebase’s presale starts on 25 October at 2pm.

Token Information
ApolloRebase (APR)
BSC Contract: 0x35e583bd317d611b51fedaaaedcac4a4ece6c711
BscScan | Solidity Audit | TechRate Audit

Presale Information
Opens on 25 October @ 14.00 UTC

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Article Written by Gem Hodlers