Crypto wallet Lemon enters Brazil and looks to expand to all Latin America

Argentine cryptocurrency wallet Lemon started operations in Brazil in beta mode and aims to expand in that country hand in hand with the Pix mobile payment platform.

In the next few days, the application will be available for any Brazilian to download.

Pix is a very popular wallet in Brazil and the alliance with Lemon will allow users to make payments with cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to take it to the entire region, to expand throughout Latin America, Marcelo Cavazzoli, CEO and co-founder of Lemon, told BNamericas. Although there is still no plan with defined dates, the company is working so that in the coming months there may be a regional version of Lemon that allows entry from any country in Latin America.

Lemon has about 1.3mn users in Argentina, where it offers a Visa card to make purchases in the real economy. In addition, for each purchase made with the card, the company rewards with bitcoin.

In Argentina, the company has seen exponential growth and today has 928,000 active users, more than other applications such as Binance and Bitso.

Bet on NFTs

This week Lemon launched its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a way to reward its users and evangelize the use of these tools.

NFTs are assets registered in the blockchain network, are collectible and can be bought and sold. For now, they are being used mainly in the art world, although they could be used for other applications in the future.

Currently, about 0.01% of the world’s population has some kind of participation in Web 3.0 (cryptocurrencies, metaverse and NFTs). Lemon seeks to increase this figure.

The company launched this week NFTs in Argentina and at the end of August or the beginning of September it plans to do so in Brazil. “Possibly in Brazil it will have much more reception because Brazil has the highest adoption of NFTs and interest in Latin America,” said Cavazzoli.

The Lemon Nation project has several phases: the first is to deliver a random NFT to each of its users. The NFTs will be over the Polygon network, allowing them to interact with any web and metaverse applications. With 1.3mn users, Lemon’s collection of NFTs ranks as one of the largest in the world.

Additionally, the company will hand out reward collectibles for interaction within the Lemon ecosystem.