Your One-Stop-Shop Guide To Growing A Healthy And Successful Crypto Project The Respectable Way (With Help From Air Central Station)

Remember the old days… when you wanted a few random things at the same time? Say a computer game, a new pillow, and some tools to repair your toy cars… but you had to physically go to 17 different places to hunt everything down and then apologize to your parents for all the gas that was wasted driving to those 17 different places while you furiously hunted down your game, pillow, and tools? (No? That was just me?) Well those were the days… until Amazon came along. By creating a massive ecosystem based on fulfilling all customer needs, Amazon accidentally created a monster within the consumer product industry like no other by creating a one-stop-shop for almost everything that you could possibly want, and let’s be honest… the odds of there ever being another Amazon again when it comes to truly being a one-stop-shop for literally any and everything you could ever need are slim-to-none.

Now when it comes to start-ups in the crypto space, unfortunately there is no Amazon…. yet. There hasn’t been any one person or group of people that took the initiative and created a true one-stop-shop for getting projects off the ground, and offering everything from utilities, to services, and partnerships… basically what Amazon does, which is covering all the bases. Well today, we have finally found that we were wrong! IT DOES EXIST! THE AMAZON FOR NEW AND GROWING CRYPTO PROJECTS IS HERE NOW!



Air Central Station is the answer to all of our prayers when it comes to “The Amazon of Crypto”; our true one-stop-shop for everything cryptocurrency. By building an ecosystem that consists of different utilities and partnerships, internal pride and dedication, Air Central Station promises to be a saving grace by offering all of these things and truly be the answer to the host of problems that come along with growing a fresh project from zero on the BNB Chain.

Speaking of the BNB Chain, we’ve all seen what the BNB Chain (fka Binance Smart Chain) became for a while… daily rugpulls and pump-and-dumps. Well Air Central Station is taking a huge preventative measure to stop that problem front and center. Included in their brand promise is “our goal is to deliver the best long-term projects with the most upside potential.” It’s right there in black and white, their goal is to present only the best in long-term projects to the community, and they are vowing to take the necessary time, effort, and footwork to deliver on that promise.

When any project first eyes entering the Air Central Station ecosystem, it all starts with their validation and verification process that all projects must undergo before they are presented the community. The process is housed by their board of blockchain investigators, which is always growing and evolving into a bigger, stronger group of tried-and-tested individuals who know how to weed out the bad eggs, while carefully pushing through the good ones.

If you are playing the sensitive role of project owner, and are lucky enough to have your project chosen as one of the good ones, you have earned yourself the highly coveted partnership, which is your membership card that offers a host of benefits. The first one being Air Central Station performing an airdrop on your project’s behalf to help produce chart activity and increase holder count, which ultimately opens up the possibility of being listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, which everyone knows is one of the biggest bumps in the road in the beginning. By them performing these airdrops, it saves their partnership projects the risk and costs involved with using speed listing services and other listing fees that can pop up to achieve these listings that are necessary for any project. Another benefit of being a partner in the ACS ecosystem is that you are automatically dropped into a strong support system (a family circle if you will) that will ultimately help with making things easier like hitting the ground running with presales and growing your community.

Over the last few months, Air Central Station has spent their own money, straight out of their pockets, vetting their workers to help take some of the pressure off their partnership projects and teams when it comes to the constant influx of incoming proposals by finding the right people to do the right things efficiently, so the projects budgets isn’t wasted, and more importantly the projects time isn’t wasted. (Yeah, ACS is really a godsend, right?)

As Air Central Station grows, and continues to grow, you will see them beginning to add more utilities, and more useful tools that will show old problems being solved with newer, better solutions. ACS vows to always stay on top of furthering the development process to grow this elite family of protection they have created, to continue addressing the problems that plague project owners when they are first getting their feet wet. And as Air Central Station continues to do this, they will be making leaps and bounds themselves, bringing them one step closer to the ultimate goal of being the first-and-only guiding souls and one-stop-shop for new and growing crypto projects, thus making Air Central Station the AMAZON OF CRYPTO!


Air Central Station’s Roadmap

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