Why BNB And ETH Continue To Drop And Why These Cryptos Could Be The Answer

In the face of the current crypto market downturn, many cryptocurrencies have dropped in value. Unfortunately, BNB and ETH cryptocurrencies have not been spared in this hit. 

Investors’ confidence is now low even as prominent cryptocurrencies’ prices like Binance coin (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH) have nosedived largely since the beginning of the year. 
ETH has lost more than 70% of its value since its all-time high in November 2021. And similarly, BNB has seen its price drop drastically from an all-time high of $690 in 2021 to $257 in 2022.

This article highlights why these two coins, BNB and ETH, continue to drop in value. We also look further at other profitable alternative green cryptos like D2T , IMPT , TARO , and RIA , which could be the answer to the profitable cryptos you’ve been asking for. 

Why BNB and ETH Continue to Drop
BNB and ETH are two of the numerous casualties of the crypto downturn. BNB (Binance coin) is the native token of the Binance exchange platform.

Its many uses have expanded to numerous applications, including payments for transaction fees on the Binance Chain and Binance.com, travel bookings, and online and financial services. 

The demand for this coin has grown, resulting in a meteoric rise in value. In 2021, BNB’s price went up from around $38 in January to an all-time (ATH) high of $683.82 in early May. 

Similarly, in early November, the coin also saw another high of $668.07. However, since then, the value has dropped significantly in 2022 to its current low of $257. 

However, in June, the general market crash saw BNB’s value fall below $185. It has often been speculated that the crypto winter could have engineered this. 

ETH, the native token that powers the Ethereum blockchain, shares a similar fate with most cryptocurrencies. Ether (ETH) is a utility coin with an infinite supply.

It can be used to trade on digital exchanges, purchase goods and services online, and pay transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

 Similarly to BNB, the value of ETH has a drawdown. Many crypto analysts have, however, pointed out that the recent collapse of FTX affected the overall price of most cryptos, including ETH. 

Ethereum’s price started falling after the “merge” was completed on Sept 15. And since the collapse of FTX, the value of Ethereum has dropped more than 20%. It remains to be seen how long it will take before there can be a resurgence in the drop value of these coins. 

However, we have newly launched green cryptos that are a better substitute for ETH and BNB. 

Alternative Cryptocurrencies That Could Be The Answer
Two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, Binance coin (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH), have seen their prices drop significantly in the last few months. However, some newly launched green cryptocurrencies have bucked the trend and actually gone up in value during this time. 

These coins include.

    Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Newly Launched World Class Cryptocurrency platform 
    IMPT: Carbon Credits Retiring platform 
    RobotEra (TARO) – A metaverse-based project 
    Calvaria (RIA) A Play To Earn Crypto Gaming Platform.

In-depth Analysis of Alternative Cryptocurrencies That Could Be The Answer

Find out more info about the alternative cryptocurrencies that could be the answer to BNB and ETH’s continued drop.

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T): Newly Launched World Class Cryptocurrency platform

Dash 2 Trade is a recently launched decentralized blockchain platform set to take trading to the next level. Undoubtedly, the features Dash 2 Trade offers give the platform users the edge in the industry to make better trading decisions.

Crypto signals, technical analysis, social sentiment, on-chain analysis, and Trading competitions are distinct features that make this platform a world-class cryptocurrency platform. 

The ongoing presale has been a huge success, and this is the best time to buy D2T, the native token of this platform, now that the price is still low.

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2. IMPT – (Carbon Credits Retiring Platform)

For a sustainable ecosystem and environment, toxic emissions must be cut down to curb the temperature rise for future generations. 

IMPT, a recently launched eco-friendly cryptocurrency, aims to join forces with prominent retailers to help users offset their carbon footprint while shopping. This platform allows you to buy, sell, or retire carbon credits while avoiding double counting and fraud. 

IMPT presale has recorded huge amounts of USDT raised and the number of coins sold. Therefore, this coin will give its investors big gains in the near future.

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3. RobotEra (TARO): A Metaverse-Based Project

This is a newly launched metaverse-based project where users can create their unique world. On this platform, users can become a robot, managing their own and participating in creating the virtual world. 

To participate in this metaverse, you are required to purchase a RobotEra NFT, which serves as their avatar in the game when they first log in. 

However, users on this platform can earn through various gaming features, including selling NFTs, advertising on land, hosting events and competitions, running communities, and staking tokens.

 TARO is the native currency at the center of the RobotEra ecosystem. You can buy TARO in the ongoing presale and be guaranteed big gains in the nearest future. 

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4. Calvaria (RIA): A Play To Earn Crypto Gaming Platform

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity has been rated as one of the best crypto games with play-to-earn and free-to-play versions. On this platform, gamers can collect battle cards and compete against each other in strategic battles. 

Winners of these games are rewarded with RIA, the native token of the platform. RIA is the main component of the game’s economy, and you can buy RIA now in the ongoing presale before it ends. 

There is also eRIA (earned RIA) used within the game to upgrade their cards in the form of NFTs tokens and purchase in-game resources.

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The year 2022 has seen the crypto industry hit a rough patch. As a result, many crypto projects and investors have become insolvent. 

Binance (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH) are among the many cryptos that felt the hit in the crypto space. This article discussed why these two cryptos, BNB and ETH, have dropped in value. 

Also, we discussed alternative cryptos like D2T, IMPT, TARO, and RIA. These cryptos are undoubtedly the right coin to invest in now. They are profitable cryptos that have the potential to give you high returns.