What is DeFi and how can it be integrated into two major

Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DeFi is a term that stands for decentralized finance and has become one of the most talked-about use-cases of blockchain technology today. Far beyond just simply buying and selling Bitcoin, blockchain technology is now being used for hundreds, if not thousands, of use-cases. A growing number of them fall under the DeFi umbrella.

If you are even a little bit informed about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you have probably heard the term “DeFi ” before and maybe even know about the world’s largest DeFi decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Uniswap. However, you may be far less familiar with other DeFi protocols such as Aave and PancakeSwap. ChainXworld is one of the newcomers to the DeFi space. However, it is already making a name for itself due to its CXW-Token being secured by real estate and several e-commerce projects.

ChainXstate is a swiss project that has upended the real estate industry due to integrating blockchain technology and DeFi into its real estate portfolio. Now, anyone can invest in real estate and profit off of it without ever having to own a single property. The more CXW-Tokens you hold, the greater your profits from real estate located in Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia, and Africa. Monthly audits will ensure that the real estate portfolio continues to have the best performance possible and the CXS-Token value is adjusted to the companys liquidity.

ChainXcommerce is a Dubai company which, with the help of the CXW-Tokens, enables you to participate in the profits of worldwide e-commerce campaigns. The more CXW-Tokens are sold to customers, the more e-commerce campaigns can be created.

Both projects allow access to their respective profits via the so-called MetaMint protocol. The CXW-Tokens can be transferred into this and remain invested for flexible periods. The customer is then compensated daily with the returns, which are updated in monthly reports and audits.

DeFi has significantly accelerated in popularity and use since 2020 within the real estate and e-commerce industry, when approximately $700 million of real estate was tokenized and several big online shops are planning on integrating cryptocurrency as a payment method. However, it would not be until 2021 when things really took off, with that figure ballooning to a stunning $15 billion. Given that there are still several more months left in 2021, that figure is expected to dramatically rise even further. Tokenizing real estate properties and enabling everyday people to have de facto fractional ownership of real assets is one of the most exciting and lucrative use-cases for DeFi and blockchain technology around today.

What ChainXworld has done for its investors is provide a means of receiving profits on a regular basis from real estate and ecommerce they do not have to actually buy outright. To learn more about chainxworld visit www.chainxworld.com

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