What are Bill Murray NFTs? Could they sell for high prices

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not exactly cryptocurrencies, but they are no less popular. More and more singers, movie stars and celebrities are joining the NFT rush. Bill Murray is the latest name.

Murray’s collection was launched last week. What exactly is it, and, even more important question is, could it perform well? The NFT rush is not restricted to actors and singers, but major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are also becoming more active. Binance recently announced its partnership with footballer Ronaldo and a yet-to-be-launched NFT collection. Coinbase helped Bill Murray launch NFTs.

What is Bill Murray NFT?

The title of the collection is Bill Murray 1000, which can confuse many. The collection has 100, not 1,000, “story” NFT assets, which tell the story of actor-comedian Murray. The assets also include anecdotes and advice from the actor.

One of the NFTs is titled “BILL MURRAY MEETS JFK”. Every NFT carries the same portrait of Bill Murray in the same funky sunglasses, however, backgrounds and colours differ in all. Aside from the Coinbase NFT platform, Murray used services of theCHIVE, and Project Venkman to build and promote the NFT collection. Owners of Murray’s NFT can partake in in-person events with him.

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Bill Murray NFT performance

Murray’s NFT collection was listed on Coinbase’s NFT platform last week. As of writing, the platform counts 82 NFTs in the collection, all of which it says are now unavailable for purchase. Total sales figure of the collection on Coinbase’s website is 121.5 ETH, which roughly translates to US$180,000, as of writing.

By this measure, the performance has not been very impressive. Madonna’s NFTs were launched on SuperRare nearly two months back, and according to the SuperRare website, two of the three NFTs have sold for a combined value of nearly US$280,000.

Expensive NFTs

Bill Murray’s collection is no match to some of the previous sales that include Beeple’s Everydays and Pak’s Clock. Both of these have been bought by enthusiasts after spending millions of dollars. Some CryptoPunk assets, which is a popular NFT collection housing 10,000 assets, have also sold for very high prices.

Bill Murray’s NFTs have initially been sold at a comparatively very low price. That said, it is possible that the present owners might list their assets on any marketplace like OpenSea, where new bids could be higher.

Selling price of Beeple’s NFTs

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Bottom line

Bill Murray is a yet-another popular name which has entered the NFT space, which has heavyweights like Madonna and Cristiano Ronaldo. Murray’s collection does not seem to have attracted prices that can match some of the previous high-ticket NFT sales. For now, the cryptocurrency market is subdued, and although NFTs are not exactly cryptos, the same blockchain underpinning might be weighing on NFTs.

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