Ukrainian pharmacies now accept crypto payments via Binance Pay

As the war in Ukraine continues, Ukrainian pharmacies throughout the country are embracing digital payments. One of the nations largest pharmacy chains, ANC Pharmacy, recently started accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for payment. Also, this is a major leap forward in ensuring easy financial access and convenience to citizens living through difficult times.

Ukrainian pharmacies become the first pharmacies in Europe that accept crypto

On Tuesday, ANC Pharmacy announced that customers can now take advantage of instant payments when purchasing pharmacy products online beginning on January 3rd.

The ANC Pharmacy, with over 1,000 outlets scattered throughout Ukraine and its online pharmacy service, is pleased to announce that it will be introducing Binance Pay payments in pharmacies located in Kyiv. Also, this revolutionary payment option seeks to provide customers with a more convenient and secure transaction experience.

ANC Pharmacies, Kopiyka, and Shara are now the first pharmacies in Europe to launch an innovative payment feature accepting cryptocurrency. However, this revolutionary technology is sure to make transactions faster, easier, and more secure. ANCs official announcement stated: ANC, Kopiyka, and Shara have taken a huge step forward with this new venture.

Using the Binance Pay technology

To make a cryptocurrency payment at ANC pharmacies, users need to download the Binance app and then navigate over to the website. Once there, they can select any item of their choice from their online store and pay through the Binance Pay service. Through the Binance Pay technology, users can easily pick up their order at any preferred pharmacy nearby in Kyiv.

For the past few years, Binance has aggressively expanded its presence in Ukraine. Recently, they entered into a partnership with Varus one of the largest supermarket chains in Ukraine, allowing customers to conveniently use their Binance Pay Wallet for purchasing groceries. However, this partnership was formed in September 2022 and has been strong.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine in early February 2022, Binance Ukraines general manager Kirill Khomyakov revealed that launching a Binance Card was among their teams foremost goals in 2022.

According to Khomyakov, utilizing services such as Binance Card for crypto payments complies with Ukrainian law and regulation. As per current laws, however, direct payments using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are prohibited.