TRX and FTM surge while Bitcoin and Ethereum fluctuate.

XRP is stabilizing at USD 0.62, while Ethereum remains far below USD 3,000.

Today’s greatest performances are TRX and FTM.

The price of bitcoin is encountering resistance at USD 39,200.

Bitcoin price continued to fall below USD 38,200, then regained support at USD 37,500 and began to rise again. BTC is now trading over USD 38,700 at 04:09 UTC, up nearly 2% in the last day but down 2% in the last week. Bears may be aggressive at USD 39,200 and USD 39,500 on the upside.

Similarly, the majority of prominent cryptocurrencies are trading below critical levels. The price of ETH fell below the pivot mark of USD 2,920. Before recovering to USD 0.62, XRP fell below USD 0.60. The ADA fell below the crucial USD 0.80 support level.

The value of the bitcoin

Bitcoin price has gathered bearish momentum after a fall breach below USD 39,200. Before a comeback, BTC went as low as USD 37,500. Price is now trading over USD 38,700, with immediate resistance at USD 39,000. The first big resistance level is likely to be USD 39,200, after which the price might increase to USD 40,000.

On the downside, the 38,200 level provides first support. The next key support level is at USD 37,600, below which the price may begin a new downward trend.

Price of Ethereum

The price of Ethereum has continued to fall below the USD 2,850 support level. It even went as far as to test the threshold of USD 2,750. The price is retracing its losses and is approaching USD 2,850, where resistance exists. In a single day, ETH has gained almost 2%, yet has lost about 3% in the last week. The first big barrier is at USD 2,920, beyond which the price may increase to USD 3,000.

On the downside, the USD 2,800 level serves as immediate support. The next key support level is at USD 2,750, below which the price may begin to decline.

Price of ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP.

Cardano (ADA) fell below USD 0.80 and tested USD 0.75. It’s currently retracing its losses and coming up to USD 0.80 barrier. The next major barrier is at the USD 0.832 level, beyond which the price might advance to the USD 0.85 zone.

BNB’s losses widened as it came close to testing the USD 380 support level. Bulls are now seeking a new rise, although bears may remain active at USD 398 and USD 400.

The resistance levels of USD 100 and USD 102 were not broken by Solana (SOL). Below the USD 92 barrier, the market took a negative turn. On the downside, the 85 levels is the next important support.

The price of XRP has fallen below USD 0.62 and USD 0.60, which serve as support levels. It reached a low of USD 0.58 and is now struggling to recover. Bears may be active on the upswing at USD 0.65 and USD 0.665.

Today’s market for other altcoins

LUNA, SHIB, NEAR, TRX, FTM ALGO, VET, SAND, THETA, CAKE, and RUNE are among the cryptocurrencies that have gained more than 5%. Among the top 100 crypto assets by market capitalization today, TRX and FTM are the two best performances. TRX surged 12 percent to reach USD 0.070, bringing its weekly gains to over 9%. FTM gained 16 percent, surpassing USD 0.79, and cut its weekly losses to around 27 percent.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is trying to stay above USD 39,200 and USD 39,500. If BTC does not rebound over USD 40,000 in the near future, the chance of a decline to USD 35,000 increases.