True Democracy Shines Brightly As ShibaNova Stakes Their Claim As The Rewarding Future Of Defi

Question 1: Are you ready to have your mind blown?
Question 2: Have you ever just sat back, looked at the market, and said “jeez… I wonder what’s next…” Well, we sure have… and then BOOM! We stumbled across what could very well possibly be the most perfect answer to that question, that truly showcases the future of DeFi in its entirety!

Mindblowing, right?

Introducing SHIBANOVA! This project is much more than just a simple token with boring tokenomics. They are taking on a focused mission… building the top standalone DAO! So for starters, in addition to offering several highly beneficial farming options, the ShivaNova exchange has extremely low swap fees (only 0.2%) and absolutely zero withdrawal fees. They even recently announced their own Launchpad. These things alone give the project several point up when standing against their competitors.

But this is only but a minuscule piece of the big picture.

ShibaNova was founded with early investors in mind by giving them priority up front and making them actual shareholders to their exchange, who receive real life dividends and rewards for their loyalty.

ShibaNova’s reward system is not entirely complicated, but it doesn’t have to be in order to be wildly successful. It’s all based around their rewards token, sNova, and the formula is simple. Majority of the fees collected from their swap get moved into a collective pot, then distributed proportionally to all the loyal and dedicated sNova holders in every block. It’s that simple.

Now for the catch. In order to get your hands on sNova and get these massive rewards, you must provide liquidity and stake the LP in their farm. It’s not much of an obstacle when you consider that the team is making it a point to look out for their early investors, so they will have the most opportunity to reap max benefits. This also prevents the possibility of future issues involving a drop in value like standard AMMs like PCS tend to encounter on a regular basis.

Now for what makes ShibaNova the future of Defi (yes, we’re calling it now!). The team is taking all the principles behind what defines DeFi very serious. Everything from making sure your funds are indeed safu (heavily extensive security measures, and big name audits prior to launch), to their heavily favoring creative side (what other swap gives 3/4 of the fees collected back to their loyal holders?), to education and community building (did we mention they are showing their early investors extra love?). Plus the team has additional flashy plans for multi-chain support, all-around NFTs, fiat on-ramping, holding incentives, their own dApp, and more than only the wildest minds could imagine.

So when you paint the big picture, and you see that everyone (yes, everyone) truly wins… that makes ShibaNova a heavyweight contender when it comes to the future of Defi. Point blank.

If you are looking for the latest scoop on ShibaNova, we highly recommend joining their Telegram community (linked below), where you can stay up-to-date by the second with their latest developments!

Native Token Information
BSC Contract: 0x56E344bE9A7a7A1d27C854628483Efd67c11214F
Awesome feature: 2% burn on all transactions
Buy it here on their swap:

Rewards Token Information
BSC Contract: 0x0c0bf2bD544566A11f59dC70a8F43659ac2FE7c2
Awesome feature: All sNova swapped for Nova is burned

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