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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are conversation starters today. Several online forums have crypto owners and crypto-literate engage in discussions on various issues. These platforms, in turn, attract a multitude of interested individuals who gather substantial cognizance in matters relating to trading and investing in cryptocurrency. Online communities also offer valuable insights into which crypto to go for and which ones to let go of. A huge number of crypto owners find these sources of great support in making wealth from cryptocurrency trading. To sum up, cryptocurrency stands barely inches away from going mainstream. 

However, things were vastly different when HashCash Consultants started out in 2015. Bitcoin price had slumped through 2014 and hovered around USD 314 the year HashCash was founded. The globe had not then warmed up to the potential of crypto nor had an inkling of its enormous capabilities. It was largely dismissed by the conservative leaders of the financial world.

It all began from a Man with Vision

Blockchain has evolved from being a platform network for Bitcoins to an integral technical innovation with limitless potential. A large reason behind the success is its ability to transform promising concepts into actual tangible assets.

The inception of HashCash was premised on the visions and near-accurate financial market foresight of Raj Chowdhury. The HashCash founder had his first brush with Bitcoin in 2011. 

Having experienced the depression of 2008 firsthand; the concept of crypto fascinated me, recounted Chowdhury during one of his earlier interactive sessions. That was the reckoning that drew me into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Chowdhury initiated the first-ever interbank Trade Finance and Remittance implementations of Blockchain between two major global Banks. This was before assuming full control of operations at HashCash Consultants. 

An illustrious academic, Chowdhury is an alumnus of the prestigious Tufts University, Santa Clara University, and the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy for MS, MBA, and other academic certifications. This was followed by a research associate stint at MITs Microsystems Technology Lab.

Always an entrepreneur, Chowdhury had been associated with multiple start-ups before going on to co-found Power Enhancing Devices, which designed Piezoelectric NEMS applications to harness environmental energy for portable devices. Another of his establishments, Locus International, worked on the generation of mapping data for GPS navigation.

The HashCash Story

HashCash Consultants is a US-based blockchain development company specializing in solutions facilitating institutional crypto ventures to thrive. The company designs blockchain products that enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time for Remittances, Trade Finance, and Payment Processing. 

Taking a methodical approach through extensive market research, hard work, and actualization of innovative crypto business concepts, the organization has been able to make a cut in a remarkably short time. The company is globally acclaimed for offering cutting-edge solutions in exchange and payment processor software, ICO/IEO services, and customized blockchain applications. In fact, Hashcash stands as the largest global white label crypto exchange provider today. The US-based company has been recently awarded top honors in blockchain development by a global business research firm.

Expansion Plans: Standing Tall in the Global Recession

Ideologically, HashCash has evolved redefining banking and investment. It strives to push a perspective that is simplified, just, and accessible to all. The company enjoys strategic alliances and partnerships with over 60 global brands and has offices in the US, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and India. 

HashCash has made a significant contribution to the surge in crypto-related business activities in the US and MENA region. This is achieved through consecutive successes in white labeling crypto products for institutional investors. HashCash management has revealed plans of expanding their Dubai office making it the companys seat of blockchain research and development. A critical part of the expansion is also employment generation in addition to revenue earning. 

The global blockchain development organization has also recently announced the creation of 100+ positions in India across various departments. The company acquired a two-acre property in Kolkatas Silicon Valley with the intent of constructing HashCash Park housing the companys Indian development center. HashCash also promotes innovation and evolution of technology through Blockchain1o1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels. 

HashCash Products, Solutions and Offerings

HashCash has been involved in the creation and management of PayBito, Billbitcoins, and HC Remit. The company also offers solutions in AI, Big Data, and IoT through its platforms, products & services. 


PayBito is a digital assets exchange operating in the USA and India. The trading platform is designed and operated by a team with demonstrated expertise in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology. PayBito offers some of the best trading rates and top-notch security. Its services also include exchange affiliates, coin listing, and more.

In recent times, PayBito has provided a white label variant of its exchange architecture to a  Middle-Eastern Bank. lists 41 popular crypto tokens and Fiat; recently adding 23 new assets and scheduling 3 new DeFi products.

The PayBito exchange has grown from a cryptocurrency exchange offering its white labeling service to become an institution offering custodial and crypto banking services alongside functioning as a globally acclaimed Forex-integrated digital asset exchange. 

The exchanges latest offer of collateralized lending has found much support and fanfare among the global crypto community. “Crypto loans provide great speed and flexibility in the lending and borrowing services. Besides, there exists total transparency in movements of funds owing to the underlying blockchain technology,” explained Chowdhury in this context.


Billbitcoins is a cryptocurrency payment gateway or a payment processor for digital currencies, similar to payment processors, and gateways. Cryptocurrency gateways enable you to accept digital payments and receive fiat currency immediately in exchange.

Billbitcoins technology has been absorbed by multiple payment solutions companies across the globe for channeling inbound crypto payments.

Speaking on the difference between B2B and B2C payment architecture, Chowdhury states, The structure of corporate payment is complex in comparison to consumer payments. The prevalence of third-party payment processors creates a fragmented and opaque course from initiation to completion of payment that is hard to track. Not to mention, it is time-consuming and expensive. 

HC Remit

HC Remit, HashCashs remittance product, is used to transact and record currency and asset movement across borders. It draws virtual currency in a way similar to traditional systems like SWIFT and other payment gateways. The fund transfer mechanism utilizes blockchain for cheap, instant, and auditable remittance. Settlements take place in real-time between the beneficiary and the remitter with complete visibility of transaction status, even for pre-funded or NOSTRO accounts. The inherent blockchain architecture also allows instant reconciliation of funds.

In conclusion

The seed of HashCash is sowed in the decentralization of financial control through blockchain implementation. The world is gradually acknowledging the need for change from the current centralized authority. The evidence lies in the growing popularity of the decentralized space. From monetizing medical records to bailing out war-ravaged citizens, decentralized finances have emphasized the immense power of a decentralized economy. 

The success of HashCash is more about the gradual ongoing triumph of alternative wealth build-up which is diverse, more inclusive, and borderless.

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