TOP bitcoin play-to-earn blockchain games 2023

Cryptocurrency, including the most famous one Bitcoin have been used for a lot of different purposes. We would like to present you with the newest sector of online crypto entertainment that is called GameFi also known as play-to-earn crypto gaming. Players of such services have an opportunity to play blockchain games and profit from it with funds completely protected by cutting edge security mechanisms. We have analyzed best crypto games of the upcoming year of 2023 and are ready to present you the list of best crypto play-to-earn blockchain games 2023:

  1. BlaBlaGame Rock-Paper-Scissors crypto game;
  2. Axie Infinity pets crypto game;
  3. The Sandbox land purchase crypto game;
  4. Decentraland crypto land metaverse;
  5. Battle Infinity battling crypto metaverse;
  6. MOBOX yield farming metaverse.

1. BlaBlaGame

The current leader of our crypto gaming list is called It presents a very well known concept of a game Rock-Paper-Sciccors that uses USDT or their own token currency known as BLA that can be purchased via Unique NFTs are also available on their website. Only real users can participate in the games. As soon as the player signs up with BlaBlaGame website they can transfer some cryptocurrency on their account and start participating in the game by making their own bids or joining on existing ones.

All of the bids are secured by the use of SHA-256 encryption technology to guarantee the security of funds.

BlaBlaGame offers a ten-level rating system with exponentially higher rewards for higher levels of participation and referral program bonuses. The rewards include various perks and the last level of the rating system is called To the Moon sounds fantastic.

One of the most interesting perks is connected to the referral program as users can gain profit from the wins of their referrals. The higher the level of participation in the rating system, the higher the rewards users can receive.

At the end of each day, active users receive cashback in Tether USDT or BLA token.

BlaBlaGame also offers users to stake their BLA tokens to earn APR rating that depends on the players rating.

One of the coolest platform features allows players to leave comments about their interaction with other users. They can post on users walls about their experience no matter if it was good or bad. As a nice bonus, users have an opportunity to unlock the ability to upload avatars for some BLA-tokens. That is quite easy to do as a player starts earning BLA tokens as soon as they go through a quick registration on their website. We included useful information about the BlaBlaGame project for your convenience in the table below:

Title BlaBlaGame
Crypto Tether USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum
Token BLA (Binance Smart Chain), BEP-20
Staking program Yes
Referral program Yes
Rating system 10-level rating system
NFTs Available
Play BlaBlaGame:

2. Axie Infinity

Unlike BlaBlaGame Axie is a crypto platform that uses Ethereum. This game would be perfect for players who like to buy and breed pets, battle with them and even sell on the market. The majority of the player base is from the Philippines. The interesting feature of the game is the ability to buy your own virtual land and NFTs.

There is some basic information about Axie:

Title Axie Infinity




Online, pets



3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox offers players to build worlds and purchase real estate and NFTs. As a nice bonus, players can profit from simply just gaming and accumulating game XP. This project goes back to 2011 and a lot of international developers have been participating in building and improving The Sandbox for the past 10 years.

Players purchase the unique piece of land in NFT tokens. The Sandbox has its own token called SAND. So far many big companies bought land to participate in the project and the price of your own land depends massively on the proximity to those big companies. Users can do anything they want with their land just like in real life: sell it, rent it, invite friends over, etc. The short summary of the project is just below:

Title The Sandbox
Crypto Ethereum, ERC-721 tokens
Genre Online, land purchase
NFTs Available

4. Decentraland

Decentraland is based on a very similar concept as the Sandbox. In this game users can also purchase virtual land. Plots of land are limited and just as in real life there are cheaper and more expensive options. With that said, unfortunately, if the player wants to purchase more expensive land they would have to spend more money. Users can cooperate and buy plots nearby to create and build things together. All the objects are to be purchased via NFTS.

Decentraland offers thirty thousand plots of land and consists of fifty six districts. The game can be interesting to explore as all of them are different with their own set of rules and economy. The largest one of them is called Aetheria.

Title Decentraland
Crypto Ethereum
Genre Online, land purchase
NFTs Available

5. Battle Infinity

Another play-to-earn metaverse game where players can battle each other and earn NFTs is called Battle Infinity. Its powered through the iBAT token that can be earned through trading, staking, fantasy sports league and gives certain perks to their users. In order to interact with one another, users access something called Battle Arena.


Battle Arena gives players the opportunity to meet up, talk and create teams while in virtual reality. Battle Infinity as many other projects that we looked at today also gives users an ability to buy NFTs.

Title Battle Infinity
Crypto BNB
Genre Online, virtual reality
NFTs Available


Mobox is a metaverse game that is focused on yield farming and NFTs. Users can participate in MOMOverse via PC or mobile platforms and gain rewards for playing. Players have the ability to buy or rent MOMOs with the local token called MBOX and participate in PVP battles.

As much as the idea sounds fun, earning MOBOX is hard and expensive as players have to buy rare MOMOs to increase their profits. All purchased MOMOs are staked, but available at any time.

Crypto BNB
Genre Online, farming
NFTs Available


Today we presented you TOP bitcoin play-to-earn blockchain games 2023. While doing our research we looked at a few fundamental parameters to choose the best game: accessibility, security, prices, fun factor and maximum profits possible. The best candidate for bitcoin game 2023 is a Rock-Paper-Scissors game called BlaBlaGame. It uses their own BLA-token as well as Tether USDT, has SHA-256 encryption of game, provides players with cashback and referral bonuses, has rating system and sells NFTs. The game is international and available for all to play and earn worldwide. GameFi is the future of gaming that unites people of different ages making it possible to explore new 2023 bitcoin play-to-earn blockchain games and have fun in the most modern way. Thank you for reading and good luck with your new ventures!