Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs Sold$11 Million as the Highest

CryptoPunks NFTs have been selling at hefty prices of up to $11 million as it becomes one of the biggest hype in the world of blockchain artworks.

Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs Sold—$11 Million as the Highest

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 04: An NFT titled ‘CryptoPunk 7523’ by Larva Labs is on display during a press preview of the upcoming Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale at Sotheby’s on June 04, 2021 in New York City. 2

It is worth noting that CyberPunks, a pixelated artwork collectible, emerges as one of the main reasons why NFT sales in August posted a staggering $900 million profit. It is a steep rise from its slump last June with only $60 million in sales.

As per Business Insider, “CryptoPunks” was first released by a two-man team firm, LarvaLabs, by Canadian developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson, last 2017. It was initially available for free as it was an early experiment at first.

However, this time around, CryptoPunks are now being sold to billionaires that have millions of dollars to spare, with a recent listing skyrocketing to $90 million.

Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks NFTs Sold

With all of that said, here are the top 10 most expensive CryptoPunks that were ever sold.

10. CryptoPunk 3831

This CryptoPunk is one of all the 88 Zombie punks that was released. It interestingly wears a gray-colored face mask and purple sunglasses.

According to LarvaLabs, the CrytoPunk 3831 was sold at a cool $2.08 million last July 30.

9. CryptoPunk 8888

The buyer of this female CryptoPunk must have had the number eight as its lucky number. The CryptoPunk 888 was sold for ETH 888.80 or $2.87 million last Aug 28., which is a steep increase from its former $48,356 price tag.

The CryptoPunk 888 flaunts a red mohawk, which only 147 punks carry, along with a black eye mask.

8. CryptoPunk 7252

Another Zombie CrytoPunk enters that most expensive purchase with a price of $2.53 million. This punk sports a bright red “Crazy Hair,” as well as a gold earring and chain strap.

The CryptoPunk 7252 was only sold last Aug. 4. It is to note though that it has been sold at a higher price last Aug. 24–but more on that later.

7. CryptoPunk 2338

It turns out that the 7th spot is also taken by another Zombie punk. This one is carrying a different hairstyle, a “Mohawk Thin.”

On the other hand, the CryptoPunk 2338 sold to the tune of $4.5 million last Aug.

6. CryptoPunk 7252

The CryptoPunk 7252 also sits at the 8th spot on the list, but it grabbed another milestone in its recent purchase that posted a hefty $5.33 million price, pushing it at the 6th spot.

5. CryptoPunk 2140

This Ape punk is one of the total 24, and the two from the most expensive sold list.

The CryptoPunk 2140 sports a red knitted cap paired with stylish black small shades. A user called gary.vee bought it at $5.6 million last July 30.

4. CryptoPunk 5217

The second Ape punk on the list grabs the 4th spot after selling at a cool $5.4 million last July 30.

The CryptoPunk 5217 also carries a red knitted cap, but it has an additional gold chain accessory.

3. CryptoPunk 7804

This rare Alien punk is one out of the nine that was released. It has been months since the CryptoPunk 7804 was sold at a whopping price tag of $7.57 million last March 11.

2. CryptoPunk 3100

Second on the list is another Alien punk that flaunts a white and blue colored headband.

The CryptoPunk 3100 was also sold last March at a hefty $7.58 million.

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1. CryptoPunk 7523

And lastly, the most expensive CryptoPunk that was ever sold is another Alien punk that carries gold earrings, a red knitted cap, and a medical face mask.

It was sold to billionaire Shalom Mechenzie to a crazy $11.7 million price tag in a Sotheby’s auction last June.

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