Thorg Desktop App Makes It Easy To Mine Ethereum: Report

The Thorg Desktop app makes it quite easy to mine Ethereum and it is a free app for PCs on the Golem NEtwork with users getting paid in Golems GLM token as we are reading more in our latest Ethereum news.

There were millions of machines mining ETH at one point in time and this contributed to network security and validating transactions in exchange for the change to earn some ETH but to make mining even more profitable, most people need quite the expensive hardware with plenty of computing power. Golem Network is an ETH-based platform for sharing unused computing power and it has a small solution for all those that want to contribute to the network without going all in. It even launched Throg today which is a free-eth mining app for PCS.

Initially, it has been built for gamers and other people like miners that have very powerful computers but Golem promised the app will support even more machine types in the near future. While there are other ways to mine ETH on a home computer, leveraging the Golem Network can help scale their resources without filing their room with hardware. The CEO Piotr Januik from Golem said:

“Since its not a regular miner or mining scheme, but a different proposal towards idle machines and their computing power, there are no direct competitors so far.

Golem is analogous to Filecoin which is a decentralized network that allows people to sell and to buy computer storage via the Fil token but instead of storage, it facilitates the buying and the selling of computer ower that will go unused otherwise. If you are gaming for example and have the extra power to share by day, you can get compensation in GLM. Thorg uses Polygon which is a layer-2 scaling solution to facilitate the payments and avoids the high fees that are associated with Ethereum. This results in an indirect way of mining ETH as Thorg users will get GLM for their work.

This should be fine with those that are not really keen on receiving ETH and want a low-intensity way of making crypto income. Januik said:

“Thorg enhances the Golem platform as this mining use-case opens up new and exciting ways of creating a healthy and efficient market by providing additional tools for optimizing passive income.”

Golems market cap surged over the past year and now stands shy of $500 million with its token being priced near $0.50.

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