This “DeFi 2.0 protocol” to hold its allocation mining event on Launchpool beginning November 8

Bybit Welcome Bonus: Up to $600 in RewardsBybit Welcome Bonus: Up to $600 in Rewards

Pollen DeFi, the decentralized platform where the community will manage the weighting of asset portfolios that back up market-tradable tokens, today announced its Allocation Mining Event (AME) on, a trusted project launchpad with a strong community-based ethos.

During the 10-day event, slated to begin November 8, a total of 1.5 million Pollen ($PLN) governance tokens will be offered at $0.50 per token.

How Pollen DeFi works?

Pollen DeFi aims to push decentralized finance into the DeFi 2.0 era with a next-generation DeFi product, which moves beyond institutional imitation and removes centralized middlemen; the platform instead empowers user-curated cryptocurrency asset pools that are determined through a merit-based balancing of users portfolio suggestions.

Community members are rewarded for making good decisions and subsequently gain more influence over the constantly rebalanced portfolio.

Alternatively, users who would prefer to turn to more qualified traders can delegate their choices accordingly. These hivemind-approved asset pools then back up tokens listed as easily accessible financial instruments capable of outperforming market fluctuations.

Why Launchpool helps?

Similarly, Launchpool is a DeFi launchpad built around a strong community of dedicated holders ready to stake their $LPOOL tokens in exchange for tokens in new blockchain products and offerings. Critical to the choice of Launchpool for the Pollen DeFi team is that the launchpad offers a guaranteed allocation, without any lotteries, for those who participate in the Launchpool Allocation Mining Event.

This means that the Pollen DeFi community hivemind can participate in the token sale and be certain they will be able to purchase an allocation of Pollen ($PLN) governance tokens at the end of it.

Pollen DeFi and Launchpool are natural partners. Launchpool is a community of savvy investors, interested in taking positions in projects where they see long-term potential, explained Pollen DeFi project lead and co-founder Philip Verrien in a statement.

He added, Pollen DeFi is launching a platform for people with a strategic approach to building a portfolio to collectively manage. Thats why the Launchpool community is a great place to recruit future contributors to our portfolio management platform and associated Asset Pool Tokens.

Pollen DeFi and Launchpool are both backed by strategic investor Alphabit, a blockchain investment fund focused on the decentralized economy of the future.

They share a similar ethos of being built around a strong community of discerning investors, ready to collaborate and learn and willing to work together to make sound investment decisions, this AME reflects the true embodiment of this shared philosophy that will provide users with a guaranteed token allocation and appeal to the more sophisticated, long-term investor.

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Bybit Welcome Bonus: Up to $600 in RewardsBybit Welcome Bonus: Up to $600 in Rewards

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