These Three Lagging Altcoins Are Poised For A Breakout, Says Crypto Strategist

Top crypto strategist known as Inmortal has revealed the three altcoins they think is ready for the next breakout. Immortal takes their pick from the top three altcoins that have been lagging recently. Even though they have been performing in the market, not performing to the level of other altcoins like ADA and SOL which have both broken new all-time highs in the market.

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Inmortal took to their Twitter account, which boasts 64K followers, to share his price predictions with his followers. Generally, the crypto analyst remains bullish on the market, seeing a lot of coins doing better from here on out. Over the course of several days, Inmortal shared their analysis on their Twitter timeline. Revealing the top three altcoins they believe are getting set for a run-up.

Playing With The Laggards

Inmortal shared three coins that are set to experience a run-up. Litecoin was an obvious favorite for the analyst. Across three digital assets, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Litecoin, the analyst sees the most potential with LTC. Time to play the laggards. LTC is leading the way (old coins), the analyst posted. Following up with this was BCH and EOS poised to follow the same path as Litecoin.

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Talking about Litecoin, Inmortal explained that the coin had recently broken out of consolidation. Hence, putting it in a position where it is set to rally. For the crypto analyst, the breakout will see the price run-up to a target of $260. The analyst had earlier tweeted they had bought some Litecoin given its snail pace at the time. The order was filled at $176, while the analyst targeted a price range of $210-$220.

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Litecoin trading at $223 | Source: LTCUSD on

As of the time of writing, Litecoin is trading above $220. And Inmortal has now turned attention to Bitcoin Cash, advising investors to take a look at the Bitcoin fork if they had missed out on Litecoin.

Another Crypto Set For A Breakout

The crypto strategist was not only focused on the three lagging altcoins. Inmortal also pointed out that hes waiting for a particular altcoin to breach a crucial point. Taking about Chainlink, Inmortal added that a breach of its immediate resistance against Bitcoin would trigger a buy signal.

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The plan is simple. Wait for a clear break above KEY level + 200MA (moving average) to confirm that deviation, then buy/long on a retest, targeting those equal highs at 0.001 BTC ($50), said the strategist. High probability 3R setup, added Inmortal.

The analyst puts top cryptocurrency Bitcoin at $60,000 after breaking key resistance level of $50,000. While putting number 2 crypto Ethereum, at $5,000. Its long $ETH season, dont get left behind, said the analyst.

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