The Party Never Ends! Pool Party’s Loyalty Rewards Are What Binance Smart Chain Has Been Waiting For

Have you ever held a rewards token and gotten irritated by the fact that it rewards holders based strictly on what percentage of the total supply they hold, no matter how loyal they actually are to the project or how long they have been holding the token?

Well, your prayers have finally been answered! BOOM! Enter Pool Party Investments Group!

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Pool Party Investment Group offers a brand new interpretation of what is considered a rewards token on Binance Smart Chain. Pool Party is the first to offer time-based staking that rewards holders loyalty, while boasting a top notch sustainable growing rewards system that is held completely separate from it’s trading volume. Simply put, loyalty staking in itself is complex but unique, due to the fact it considers how long any user have been staking when it’s determining how much that user gets rewarded.

While sporting such an amazing concept that has seemingly plagued BSC for so long, Pool Party is the first to do it with legitimacy, which is something that any real investor can appreciate. If you invest in Pool Party’s fully automated rewards ecosystem, you will see first-hand that it is fully designed to grow forever (yes, we said FOREVER) by auto-compounding part of the rewards pool, with the other parts safely being put towards dividends, buyback & burns, and additional liquidity to ensure the security and longevity of the token itself.

When the time comes for the Pool Party ecosystem to prove itself, it will time and time again. The saying really does hold true: “the Party never ends!”

Pool Party is launching their 24-hour (!) public presale today via Pinksale for the ecosystem’s native token ($PP) that has a limited total supply of only 1 billion tokens. Once launched, they will offer two separate types of rewards: loyalty staking & investment pools. You can read more about the two different types of rewards offered by Pool Party at the links below.

Join the Party and make your passive income dreams become a reality… and always remember… THE PARTY NEVER ENDS!

UPDATE: Pool Party smashed the hard cap for their public presale in less than 3 hours. Project launch is scheduled for 23 October @ 17.00 UTC via PancakeSwap.
Join the party here!

Token Information
Pool Party (PP)
BSC Contract: 0xd4b52510719c594514ce7fed6cc876c03278ccf8

Launch Party Information
Live on PancakeSwap
23 October @ 17.00 UTC

Join the Pool Party on PancakeSwap here!

Presale via Pink Sale
22 October @ 16.00 UTC
Soft Cap 100BNB | Hard Cap 200BNB
Contribution Limits: 0.1BNB Minimum | 1BNB Maximum

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