Terra (LUNA) Shatters $30,000,000,000 in Total Value Staked, Surpassing Ethereum (ETH)

The dollar value of all crypto staked in the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem is now higher than the platform’s primary rival, Ethereum (ETH).

A surge in LUNA’s price has sent the total value of LUNA staked to $30,207,957,209 at time of writing, according to new numbers from Staking Rewards.

That compares to $28,176,086,261 in total value staked for Ethereum 2.0.

Staking allows crypto investors to lock up their tokens and play a role in securing the network in exchange for rewards.

About 41% of all eligible LUNA is now staked, with 7.92% of eligible ETH staked by crypto holders.

Stakers currently earn about 6.8% in annual yield by staking their LUNA, compared to 4.8% for ETH.

LUNA’s price has soared in the last week, rising from a low of $52.20 to $92.58 at time of writing a 77% increase.

ETH has jumped from a low of $2,336 to$2,967, which is an increase of 27%.