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DeFi, Decentralized Finance. It is based on the smart contract platform built on crypto assets, financial smart contracts and protocols, mainly through the Ethereum network.

Asan important part of theDeFiecosystem,the biggest difference between decentralized exchange (DEX)andcentralized exchange (CEX) is thatthetransaction transparency is extremely high. DEXuses blockchain technology and smart contracts that cannot be tampered with to put asset custody, matching transactions, and asset liquidation on the blockchain. In addition, the right to manage funds lies with the investors themselves rather than other intermediaries, which greatly improves the investor’s control over funds and asset security.

It should be noted thatthere are also some drawbacks in the process of the rapid development of DEX, such as slow transaction speed and poor user experience. This requires users to carefully identifyDEXand try to chooseBelem.ccsuch a powerful and stable top international exchange. In order to solve the problems existing in today’s exchanges, equipped with the world’s most cutting-edge technical talents and the industry’s top elite team, and Belem.ccmembers are mostly from Google, Oracle, SoftBank, Goldman Sachs and other top 500 Internet financeventure capital companies. perfectlycombines the high performanceof CEXwith the strong reliability of DEX public chain, continuouslyoptimizes the trading environment, and effectively improves the trading experience of investors. For example, the problem of slowtransaction speed, Belem.ccdeveloped a unique high-performance memory matching engine, which carries out all the order and balance data of high-frequency operations in memory, whichcan provide world-class cryptocurrency transaction speed,up to millions of singles per second,far better thanthe general use of database matching exchanges. In addition, the matching engine adopts clusters, one transaction corresponds to one matching engine, andat the same time can complement each other to achieve load balancing, which can supportthe stable operation of tens of millions of online usersat the same time.’s technical team has deep experience in the development of the underlyingarchitecture, and the Belem.ccplatform adopts the leadingmulti-layer, multi-cluster system architecture,which greatly improvesthe security, stability andscalability of the system. It can ensurethat Belem.ccdoes not need to be stopped duringfeature deploymentandversion iteration, maximizingthe smoothness of investor operation. That’s thanks toyears of research CTO Roderick, whoisBelem.ccspecialty. Software architect for web system development with over10years of experience in cryptocurrency. He has been an app developer since 2012and a veteran activist in the digital currency space.

At the same time, the core members of the Belem.ccplatform are early investors in crypto assets, and have participated inthe whole process of the emergence of DeFi, technology landing, practical application and rapid development. Throughthe characteristics ofDeFiitself, the Belem.ccplatformeliminates intermediaries between transaction parties, improves operational efficiency, andreturns the user’sright to fund management to the user, transactionsare more open and transparent.,anyone with an internet connection can participate in financial activities anytime, anywhere.

Since its establishment in 2017, with a strong technical team, excellent business operations and forward-looking strategy, Belem.cchas spread to120countries around the world, providing one-stop investment services for more than 8 million users around the world, including currency trading, contract trading, andC2C, OTC, asset management and other one-stop digital asset finance, select high-quality digital assets for users, and create more wealth value.

In the future, Belem.ccwill continue to make use of the advantages of blockchain decentralization and database security and reliability, and build a decentralized, more efficient, transparent and open world of asset trading services composed of cryptocurrency and global digital asset transactions in view of the opaque and centralized operation of the cryptocurrency trading process.

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