STASH Introduces Exciting Features for DeFi Along with

London, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockchain-based solutionSTASHoffers high-yielding auto-staking and compounding features and is developing its own Metaverse that will amongst other things be able to offerdigital banking facilities from inside the digital city.

STASH has strategically partnered with Asia Digital Bank for digital account services and who will soon be offering a crypto debit card with fiat-crypto currency exchange features.

What is STASH?

Metaverse applications have been bridging the gap between real and virtual world use cases. With their immersive experiences, metaverse has been transforming the DeFi world. One such unique metaverse application isSTASH, a blockchain-based solution defining the future of decentralized finance. The platform with high-yielding, auto-compounding, and auto-staking features offers to rebase rewards every 15 minutes with their sustainable fixed APY.

The unique utility-based crypto will provide virtual banking services through the metaverse, seamlessly merging the real and digital world. The project aims to feature a revolutionary platform supplying steady returns constantly for its users. The platform also offers rebase rewards or return on investment every 15 minutes.


STASH aims to make investors life easier in the DeFi world by providing an engaging user experience and a trustworthy and intuitive platform.

STASHs rebase algorithm and extensive research offers the following features:

  • Auto-Staking:Users have to hold a STASH token to get automatic rewards in their wallets without STASH staking and their party interruption. Users can receive rewards every 15 minutes with STASHs auto-compounding protocol-a total of 96 payments in a day with a Rebase formula.
  • Rebasing:It involves adjusting the circulating supply by contracting or expanding due to changes in the token price. During rebase, the token supply increases or decreases algorithmically depending on the current price of each STASH token.
  • Compounding APY: STASH tokens represent the users principal amount while the compound interest gets added periodically with every Rebase event occurring every 15 minutes.
  • Treasury:It acts as extra financial support for the STASH Safety Fund, essential during extreme price drop situations. The treasury offers a stable floor value for the token.
  • STASH Safety Fund:It is essential to back the Rebase Rewards. 5% of the tax fees go to the STASH Safety Fund, sustaining and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.
  • The Blazing Pit:It ensures the token circulation remains controlled through self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, ultimately keeping the STASH stable.

STASH token and tokenomics

STASH is an ARC-20 token rewarding holder with its rebase algorithm. STASHdevelopers predict a 0.02374% interest every 15 minutes compounding to 409,494.5% annual APY. The token distribution is as follows:

  • Automatic LP:4% of the trading fees go to the liquidity pool, ensuring STASHs increasing collateral value.
  • Treasury:2% of the buy transaction and 5% of sell transaction go towards treasury to support the STASH Safety Fund. It maintains STASH price stability and long-term sustainability with fixed APY.
  • Risk-Free Value:5% of the trading fees go to the STASH Safety Fund, making staking rewards sustainable and providing positive rebase.
  • Blazing Pit:2% of every transaction goes to burn automatically, ultimately controlling and managing the circulating supply.


STASH is currently in its early development phases. They have launched their website and introduced their whitepaper. In the coming stages, the project aims to get listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. They will also introduce P2E gaming, metaverse with battle arena, NFT hub, and Business-Centric MetaVerse STASHCITY, ensuring an engaging experience.

Users can simply hold their STASH and other cryptocurrencies in their wallet, convert it to fiat currency and spend using the STASH prepaid credit card. The company has also collaborated with Asia Digital Bank enabling day-to-day utility that combines crypto and fiat banking facilities that are the first of its kind in the crypto space.

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