Sphynx Launches 8,888 new NFTs as Part of Its New NFT Collection

The Sphynx Platform has announced the launch of its new NFT collection, The Sovereign Sphynx Council. The project made its trading debut on Monday, October 11 and includes 8,888 digital collectibles, each selling for 0.08 ETH.

Investors who bought the NFTs within the first 15 minutes of launch stood a chance to win multiple prizes, including cash rewards and even a Tesla. NFT holders will now be able to reap the rewards from their investment by receiving dividends from fees collected on the exchanges ETH Bridge and royalties from sales of the collectibles on OpenSea.

SphynxSwap, Sphynxs decentralized trading platform, allows users to exchange a combination of tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, where users can tap into native Sphynx LPs, as well as LPs located on other Swaps from a central location. The platform has been designed to allow investors to be able to trade in under 10 seconds.

The companys goal is to develop an all-inclusive platform and hassle-free solution by combining features of crypto exchanges like trading, farming, staking, and holding all in one place. Ultimately, Sphynx aims to promote mass crypto adoption by making experiences smoother and faster for users by removing the barrier of relying on multiple platforms.

In addition to its platforms ability to consolidate trading, farming, staking, and holding features, it also provides a consolidated wallet, dynamic charts, farms, and staking portals so users dont have to deviate from the platform.

Sphynxs new NFT collection is a welcome addition to the platform and will further bolster its utility. The companys launch of Sovereign Sphynx Collection is on track with Phase 2 of its roadmap and another exciting step ahead in its journey. Up next for Sphynx is its Prediction Rounds, Sphynx Lottery, Further Cross-Chain Support, as it paves the way forward to become the go-to DEX for all crypto needs.

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