RobotEra hits $100k in first pre-sale milestone

Its crucial for crypto investors to be on the lookout for new gems in the space. One of the accurate times to find gems and invest is during presales. Whenever a project is on a presale, it implies that the tokens are cheaper and investors will have higher access to the projects utilities.

Thus, as a trending category in the crypto space, Metaverse projects presales are taking the bull by the horns. RobotEra(TARO) presale is one of the projects that stood out.

RobotEra is a future-based metaverse project that has raised a $100,000 milestone in the first presale of its native token (TARO). This proves the level of confidence investors have in it.

Similar to Sandbox, users of RobotEra can own land, create a world, and profit from the secondary economy. Since the RobotEra metaverse is connected to other planets and enables the habitation of pre-existing NFT societies, it is regarded as a development in the metaverse.

With all the incredible features RobotEra metaverse offers, the cryptography of the metaverse could undergo a lot of modifications. Thus, its advisable to buy $TARO at its current All-Time Low before its launch. Still not convinced? Check out some of the incredible Features of the project below.