Ravencoin on the decline – RVN crypto price prediction and top crypto alternatives to RVN

After being the number one trending coin in September, Ravencoin (RVN) is now experiencing a significant decline, going as low as $0.020 per token. Two months before, RVN reportedly reached $0.060 per token.

The September Ravencoin jump coincided with the long-awaited Ethereum Merge, and the coin stood out as the best Ethereum alternative, leaving giants like Bitcoin and Shiba Inu behind.

What is going on with Ravencoin now? What the future brings for holders of this coin, is Ravencoin a good investment, and what is RVN crypto price prediction?

In this article we bring you the newest Ravencoin price prediction, helping you stay up to date with this promising crypto. We will also discuss the best new alternatives to RVN you can buy today. Well talk about cryptos that are breaking records with their lightning-speed presales and changing the way we perceive cryptos for the better.

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