October VERSE Buyback and Burn Summary | by Bitcoin.com | Oct, 2023

Bitcoin.com burned 260 million VERSE tokens in October, permanently reducing the supply of the Bitcoin.com ecosystems rewards and utility token. Details are as follows:

VERSE burned: 259,641,669

USD value at time of burn: $77,745

Circulating supply at time of burn: 20,901,766,021

Circulating supply after burn: 20,642,124,352

Percentage of circulating supply burned: 1.26%

Total supply before burn: 208,035,966,622

Total supply after burn: 207,776,324,952

Percentage of total supply burned in current burn: 0.12%

Total amount burned (lifetime): 2,223,675,047

Percentage of total supply burned lifetime: 1.05889%

Time of burn: Oct-202023 @ 06:54:35 AM +UTC

Transaction ID: View on chain

A token burn means permanently removing or destroying tokens, thereby reducing the total supply. Burned tokens cant be traded or used.

A fraction of the earnings generated by Verse-related products and Bitcoin.com is used to purchase VERSE tokens. These tokens are then removed from circulation and eliminated (burned), resulting in a reduction of the total quantity of VERSE. You can track VERSE token burns on Dune Analytics here.

Launched in December 2022, VERSE is Bitcoin.coms rewards and utility token. You will be able to use VERSE to unlock rewards, pay for things on Bitcoin.com and other places, access exclusive platform services, and more. VERSE is also helping more people benefit from decentralized finance, which gives you economic freedom. Learn more about what makes VERSE special here.

Users outside the United States can purchase VERSE in the Bitcoin.com Wallet app here.

Anyone in the world can purchase VERSE with credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cash App here.

Use the Bitcoin.com Wallet to securely manage your VERSE and other cryptocurrencies.

You can use the Bitcoin.com Wallet to swap cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, AVAX, and MATIC and many others for VERSE. Set up your swap in a few taps, receive your VERSE seconds later, and hold it in your own wallet, the way crypto was meant to be. VERSE can also be traded permissionlessly on Bitcoin.coms decentralized exchange Verse DEX.