NFTs go ‘Legally Blonde’ as Reese Witherspoon joins the space

Actress Reese Witherspoon has joined the thriving NFT space in typical ‘Legally Blonde’ style as she revealed her first purchases to the world today.

Witherspoon posted a tweet featuring a World Of Women NFT saying “gm friends” to her 2.9m followers.

Witherspoon previously announced she bought her NFTs earlier in October and asked the ‘Crypto Twitter‘ community for help finding “amazing women creating #NFTs”.

Her tweet wasn’t the first interaction with the NFT community on Twitter either – Witherspoon announced in September that she had bought her “first ETH” while using the #cryptotwitter hashtag.

Her NFT – Woman #8072 – sports the same blonde hair and style as Witherspoon and is now her profile picture.

On ‘Crypto Twitter’, changing your profile to your rarest or most favourite NFT is another common occurrence – leading to a glowing reception for the actress from the crypto community.

Her use of the term “gm” (good morning) – a commonly used greeting on ‘Crypto Twitter’ – also saw Witherspoon receive a warm welcome.

The World Of Women collection is an assortment of “10,000 unique, cool & diverse women” from NFT artist ‘YKarkai‘ aiming to bring more diversity and female representation to the NFT space.

A closer look at Witherspoon’s OpenSea wallet shows she owns other NFTs – two ‘Sad Girls Bar‘ NFTs, two Crypto.Chicks and a Boss beauties NFT – all of which feature and represent females within the NFT space.

Witherspoon also owns a rare Cool Cat – a sign that she has a good eye for NFT art, and perhaps another sign showing that she is “gonna make it” (gmi) in the NFT space.

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