New Innovative DeFi D-ReiT Bridges Worlds Of Crypto And Real World Properties, Renewable Energy

Have you ever wanted to use your crypto assets to invest in real world properties, such as real estate and businesses? Boy, do we have a surprise for you!

Introducing D-Reit!!! This is the perfect opportunity to get into a ground breaking new Defi project that will give your portfolio a fresh feeling of diversity!

How D-ReiT Works

D-ReiT opens opportunities for Defi lovers everywhere. D-ReiT works as a bridge between investors and borrowers that has never been done in the space before. The project is wholly based on smart contracts, so you’ll get full transparency and security.

Unlike ReiT, D-ReiT doesn’t involve paper money. It shares the same central concept, but everything is centered around crypto, where borrowers or companies receive your funds for their business as an investment. The companies or borrowers on D-ReiT invest their money on REIT projects in real estate, trading platforms, and renewable energy production companies. The profit and dividend calculations are based on the number of holders.

The most important piece of this being a successful system is the smart contract itself. D-ReiT’s smart contract algorithm works as a middleman between the investor and company (borrower). It is responsible for taking and processing the investments from investors, distributing the dividends according to their contracts and all the important deed work. All of this is done through the smart contract and shared through the nodes on any given network. All the rules, transactions and dividends are completely transparent, as anyone (even non-holders) can see what’s going on in the system without any restrictions.

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After processing the funds through the smart contract, the funds land in the borrower’s possession, where they can then use that investment for their own business. All the funds are then invested, and dividends are distributed among investors according to the 21B rule.

The 21B rule states that every REIT invests 69% of assets in established and income-generating real estates like shops, malls and parking lots. 5% of funds in development properties, 3% listed in the exchange, 2% in marketing and 1% in legal advice. In terms of dividends, D-ReiT will return 15% of your total investment in the 1st year.

The voting system of D-ReiT will allow holders to vote whether the property is good or not. The managers of the D-ReiT will bring them some of the most potential properties for choices. The property is selected then open for voting by holders via the smart contract. If all the owners agree on each property, the smart contract will issue the deed for purchasing that property.

With D-ReiT, the profits, especially the income that comes from rent and sales, will be distributed equally among holders in BNB. The return will be equal to 80% of the total profit generated from investments in the first year.

The D-ReiT token is the native coin to the project, and based on Binance Smart Chain. The token follows a simple concept, D-ReiT tokens are your golden ticket to becoming a member of the community. There will be no limit on members; any and all holders are members of the community, where their voices are heard.

Token Information:
Decentralized REIT (DRT)
BSC Contract: 0xa44a78e46217e82675f47dbbaa26f5651bce8d7a
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