NEAR Price Prediction for the Next Few Years

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin bulls have fought hard to keep BTC on the $16.2K support level. But the long-term trend still remains bearish. NEAR Protocol, which has been in a downtrend trend in recent months, has no recovery in sight.

However, a move crossing $2.4 could instil some confidence in investors. That being said, there are a number of projects like Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra,, and Calvaria that have been catching the eye of investors because of their recent developments. Lets take a look at the price prediction for the next few years for NEAR protocol.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction

NEAR Protocol is a user-friendly blockchain project which implements a public proof-of-stake blockchain. It sports some unique features such as human-readable account names and the ability to interact with smart contracts and dApps without requiring a cryptocurrency wallet. The native token is called NEAR which is used to pay transaction and storage fees.

In November, there was a decline in the open interest behind NEAR Protocol in the futures market. A similar trend was seen across the market for many altcoins. Heres what analysts think the NEAR Protocol will be valued in the following years.

Year Expected high Expected Low
2022 $39.00 $20.00
2023 $55.00 $42.00
2024 $73.00 $60.00

Looking at the above price prediction, its clear that there are more profitable investments compared to NEAR Protocol. Lets take a deep dive into the aforementioned four projects.