Moniwar, The Next P2E Phenomenon – BlockChain News Today

Crypto enthusiasts all around the world are buzzing about Moniwar, the next big P2E game initiative. Although the IDO date has not yet come, this project has consistently ranked at the top of blockchain gaming projects with the highest social signal. See below what make this project so worth looking forward to.

Addictive gameplay

The project’s main product is Moniwar, a P2E action puzzle game that will be launched in beta shortly after IDO.

In the conventional gaming industry, the action puzzle game genre has proven to be one of the most engaging and addicting game genres. Admit it, everyone had the experience of playing one puzzle game level after another without getting bored.

With over 15 years of expertise, the Moniwar game development team has made this basic gameplay more innovative and thrilling than ever. Moniwar offers a variety of fascinating game modes in which players may engage and win more rewards every day. In addition to exploring levels and lands in PvE mode, players may also engage in PvP activities or form groups of three to hunt monsters.

It is known that the first game version will only reveal 3 chapters out of a total of more than 35 plot chapters. This means that the Moniwar game has a lot of potential for long-term growth, opening up a long-running blockchain game universe with countless characters and fantasy episodes.

A balanced P2E economy

A balanced P2E economy occurs when a project creates real demand for their token and stimulates trading in the ecosystem.

As one of the Game2Blockchain contest winners, Moniwar has been mentored by advisers with extensive blockchain and DeFi expertise, including Trung Nguyen – Co-Founder & CEO Axie Infinity and Loi Luu – Co-Founder & CEO of Kyber Network. Thanks to that, Moniwar has designed an extremely balanced play-to-earn model.

Players freely interact with subjects in the Moniwar ecosystem including $MOWA token, Moniwar shop, Moniwar Dapp, Moniwar Pets, Moniwar game to earn profits and trade to bring revenue to the ecosystem. Besides, users have a series of opportunities to earn money when they are rewarded with Blind Boxes when playing games, farming on Moniwar Pool and Moniwar NFT Pool.


Moniwar’s Quadruple IDO will take place on 4 prestigious launchpads on October 12 and 13.

Up to the present time, Moniwar has achieved remarkable achievements. The project has been listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Dapp and DappRadar.

Moniwar’s media channels also racked up amazing statistics, including 6.5M+ TikTok views, 51.6k+ followers on Twitter, 55k+ members on Telegram.

Thanks to the above premise, the project continuously reached the top of the rankings of blockchain game projects with the highest social signal.

In the future, Moniwar will also develop into a gamepad for blockchain game projects. It will be a long journey. The solid foundation that Moniwar has created will create the impetus for future breakthrough developments.

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