Metaverse Gaming Powerhouse DeFi Horse Announces Its IBCO

DeFi Horse announced IBCO on 10th March 2022 at 1pm UTC time on their website. Millions of investors all over the world are waiting for this IBCO so that they can become the real investors of the top global project. With 6,680,000 Defihorse tokens for sale will be live soon.

DeFi Horse has raised $5 million in capital from several overseas ventures to produce a stunning horse metaverse project, in both gameplay and graphics, based on blockchain technology. It’s been a tough ride but DeFiHorse definitely enjoyed it, also, very proud of it too. Together with 500.000+ members, 40+ backers, and trusted partners who are always ready to support no matter what.

This February, DeFiHorse successfully organized the INO event: 300 Heroic NFT Boxes with the price of 300.000 BUSD were sold out despite the current market.

DeFiHorse is a horse racing Metaverse e-sports game built on Blockchain technology and NFTs. Players will be able to experience and enjoy horse racing on a whole new level when players enter DeFiHorse. The game provides majestic legendary War Horses that players use to compete in infinite Cyberpunk horse races.

The TAP TO EARN system of DeFiHorse allows users to directly interact with the game, improving the character’s experience. During the race, in addition to equipping items and breeding horses, players can interact with reality to help their steed outperform other competitors. There are also additional aspects in the game, such as the Horseverse, which lets users acquire land, buy stables, or choose and arrange their own horse races. Because this is a unique system that only DeFiHorse has, this game is projected to become the next big thing in the world of NFT horse racing games.