Master Guide to Must-Know Airdrops in 2024: Your Path to Become a Crypto Millionnaire

In this complete guide, we’re going to look at the most looked-forward-to airdrops of 2024 from different blockchain places, like the exciting ones on Solana. Airdrops are a big deal in the crypto world because they give out free tokens to help spread the word and get more people using them. We cover everything from the fast Solana blockchain to the new ways Ethereum is growing, showing you the top airdrops that could really help you earn more. The best part? You can check out all these airdrops at once, so take a good look and see what’s out there for you.

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Solana Saga Phone Airdrop

What is the Solana Saga Phone?

The Solana Saga Phone, developed in collaboration between Solana and OSOM, a hardware company, is not just a smartphone but a gateway to the Solana blockchain ecosystem. Designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it offers enhanced features for secure transactions and optimized decentralized application (dApp) usage. The airdrops associated with the Solana Saga Phone are particularly enticing, offering users exclusive access to tokens simply by being part of the Solana Saga community.

Airdrops for Solana Saga Phone Users:

  • MYRO (Potential Airdrop): Myro, a notable project within the crypto space, has hinted at distributing free $MYRO tokens to Solana Saga phone users.
  • GECKO (Potential Airdrop): The $GECKO token, emerging within the Solana ecosystem, is exploring opportunities to airdrop tokens to Saga phone users.
  • SAMO, Solend Protocol, SHDW (Announced Airdrops): These projects have officially announced their plans to airdrop tokens to Solana Saga phone users, with details forthcoming.
  • BONK (Ongoing Airdrop): Currently, Saga phone owners can participate in the $BONK airdrop, offering a substantial reward pool.

Steps for the Airdrop:

  1. Purchase a Solana Saga Phone: To be eligible for the airdrops, you must own a Solana Saga Phone.
  2. Follow Official Announcements: Keep an eye on official Solana Saga and participating project channels for updates on airdrop details.
  3. Participate in Airdrops: Follow the specific instructions provided for each airdrop. This may involve holding certain tokens, interacting with dApps, or simply claiming the airdrop through a dedicated platform.

The Solana Saga Phone airdrops represent just the beginning of what’s to come in the exciting world of cryptocurrency rewards. By staying informed and actively participating, you can take full advantage of these opportunities to enhance your digital asset portfolio. Read more here about Solana Saga Phone.

Injective Airdrop

What is Injective Protocol?

The Injective Protocol is making waves in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, offering a fully decentralized platform that facilitates permissionless trading across a variety of financial products. The recent surge in the price of its native token, $INJ, highlights the growing interest and potential within the Injective ecosystem. The Injective airdrop season is an exciting opportunity for early adopters to get involved and potentially receive $INJ tokens through various airdrops within the ecosystem.

Source: Injective

Steps for the Airdrop:

  1. Get a Cosmos Wallet: Begin by acquiring a Cosmos-compatible wallet, such as Keplr Wallet or Leap Cosmos, to participate in the Injective ecosystem.
  2. Add Wallet Extension: Install the wallet as a Chrome extension or through the mobile app to interact with the Injective ecosystem.
  3. Purchase $INJ: Buy $INJ tokens from an exchange. Bitget is recommended for its low fees.
  4. Stake $INJ: Transfer your $INJ to the wallet and navigate to the “Stake” tab. You can also select Injective from the ‘Chains‘ section on the Web Wallet dashboard.
  5. Choose a Validator: To maximize your airdrop benefits, select a validator. It’s advisable to diversify across multiple validators to enhance your chances of receiving airdrops.
  6. Earn Rewards: By staking, you’ll enjoy a 15% return on your $INJ and qualify for ecosystem airdrops based on your staked amount.

The Injective ecosystem is rapidly evolving, offering a gateway to exciting projects and potential rewards. Early engagement and participation in these airdrops can provide significant benefits and enhance your involvement in the DeFi space. Read more here about Injective Protocol Airdrop.

Potential Debank Airdrop

What is Debank?

DeBank is a comprehensive dashboard designed for monitoring DeFi portfolios, offering insights into decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms, and DEXes. There’s growing speculation about DeBank launching its own token, with the potential for an airdrop to early adopters of the platform. This speculation is bolstered by DeBank’s unique features, such as a decentralized social network that allows users to interact and discuss various topics, suggesting a natural progression towards introducing an in-app crypto reward system.

Steps for the Airdrop:

  1. Navigate to the DeBank Dashboard: Start by visiting the DeBank platform to monitor your DeFi portfolio.
  2. Link Your Wallet: Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the DeBank dashboard.
  3. Generate a Web3 ID: Access your account settings on DeBank to create a Web3 ID.
  4. Minting and Ranking: Users within the top 50,000 of their Web3 Social Ranking can mint for free, while others may need to pay a fee.
  5. Follow Specific Accounts: Engage with the platform by following recommended accounts to boost your visibility.
  6. Connect X and Email Accounts: Link your external accounts to DeBank for a more integrated experience.
  7. Boost Your Followers: Increase your total value of followers by actively engaging with the community.
  8. Create and Share Posts: Share your insights and content on the platform to gain more visibility.
  9. Accumulate ‘Trust’ Points: Participate actively to earn trust points, enhancing your reputation on the platform.
  10. Expand Your Network: Use your referral link to invite others to join DeBank, further increasing your standing within the community.

The potential Debank airdrop represents an exciting opportunity for early users and active participants in the DeBank ecosystem. By engaging with the platform and its community, users can position themselves to potentially benefit from any future token launch and airdrop events. Here’s our Link and Let’s follow each other on DeBank!

StarkNet Airdrop

What is the StarkNet?

StarkNet, developed by StarkWare, is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that utilizes Zk-Rollups to enhance scalability and efficiency. StarkNet is now live on its mainnet, and there’s significant buzz around its airdrop, especially with StarkWare’s substantial funding and valuation. StarkNet aims to provide unlimited scalability for transactions and computation on the Ethereum network while maintaining robust security. The StarkNet token ($STRK) was deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, with a significant airdrop of 1.8 billion $STRK tokens announced, marking one of the most anticipated airdrops in the crypto space.

Steps for the Airdrop:

  1. Create a MetaMask Wallet: Start by setting up a MetaMask wallet if you haven’t already, and add some Ethereum to it.
  2. Create a StarkNet Wallet: Since StarkNet does not operate on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), you’ll need a StarkNet-compatible wallet. Argent and Braavos are the top recommendations.
  3. Bridge ETH to StarkNet: Use the StarkGate bridge or other available bridges to transfer ETH to StarkNet. This is essential for covering transaction fees on StarkNet, which are significantly lower than on the Ethereum mainnet.
  4. Engage with Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) on StarkNet: Participate in transactions on StarkNet’s DEXs such as Ekubo, MySwap, Jediswap, and 10kswap. This can involve swapping tokens, adding liquidity to pools, or withdrawing it. Aim for at least 5-10 transactions to start with and consider returning every 30 days or more to perform similar tasks.

Anticipating the STARK Airdrop:

The STARK airdrop is set to distribute 900 million STRK tokens through various programs, emphasizing long-term engagement with the network. This strategic distribution aims to incentivize users with rebates for ETH spent on gas fees and on-chain incentives for DeFi activities. The timeframe for these activities stretches into Q1 2024 and beyond, indicating a long-term plan for engaging users and developers within the StarkNet ecosystem.

By following these steps and actively participating in the StarkNet ecosystem, users can position themselves to potentially benefit from the airdrop and contribute to the network’s growth and success. Read more here about StarkNet Airdrop

Swell Network Airdrop

What is the Swell Network?

Swell Network is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that introduces a non-custodial liquid staking protocol aimed at enhancing the liquid staking experience, simplifying access to DeFi, and securing the future of Ethereum. The platform is gearing up for its Token Generation Event (TGE) expected in late Q1 of 2024, offering a unique opportunity for users to earn rewards and participate in its ecosystem through the Swell Network airdrop.

Swell Network Airdrop

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Earning Pearls on Swell Network:

  • Pearls: These are rewards on the Swell Network, which will later be converted into $SWELL tokens at the TGE.
  • How to Earn Pearls:
    • Staking ETH for $swETH: Users earn 30 pearls per ETH staked.
    • Restaking $swETH on EigenLayer: An additional 30 pearls per ETH.
    • Referral Program: Earn 10 pearls for each ETH staked by a referred user. Using a specific referral link grants an extra 10 Pearls.

Steps to Earn Pearls:

  1. Open and Connect Wallet: Access the Swell Network wallet interface and connect your wallet.
  2. Stake ETH: Stake your ETH to receive $swETH. Note that unstaking is currently unavailable.
  3. Restake on EigenLayer: Navigate to the Restake section and deposit your $swETH on EigenLayer to earn additional pearls.

Key Information and Steps:

  • Metamask Wallet: A Metamask wallet is required to participate in the Swell Network activities.
  • Understanding the Risks: Its crucial to understand the risks involved in decentralized finance. Swell Network provides detailed documentation on the risks associated with their platform and DeFi in general.

The Swell Network airdrop presents a unique opportunity for users to earn rewards and engage with its growing ecosystem. By staking ETH, participating in the referral program, and restaking on EigenLayer, users can prepare for the upcoming $SWELL airdrop and potentially earn significant rewards.

zkSync Airdrop

What is zkSync?

zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, designed to enhance scalability and efficiency through zkRollup technology. It addresses high gas fees and slow transaction speeds, offering a more cost-effective and faster alternative for Ethereum users. zkSync aims to revolutionize Ethereum transactions by providing a platform where users can engage in swift and affordable transactions, making it an attractive option for those looking to optimize their Ethereum experience.

Source: zkSync

Requirements for Qualifying for the zkSync Airdrop:

To qualify for the zkSync airdrop, users are encouraged to actively participate in the zkSync testnet and engage with various projects within the zkSync ecosystem. This includes utilizing decentralized exchanges (DEXs), NFT platforms, and other protocols available on zkSync.

Steps to Maximize Engagement with zkSync:

  1. Bridge Funds to zkSync: Start by ensuring you have a MetaMask wallet with Ethereum. Then, add the zkSync Era network to MetaMask and bridge funds to zkSync using services like Owlto Finance.
  2. Engage in Various Activities:
    • Refuel from Optimism to zkSync on Transfer funds from Optimism to zkSync to engage with the ecosystem.
    • Send an Email on Utilize to send an email, engaging with the platform’s communication tools.
    • Token Swaps on Perform token swaps on to interact with the financial protocols on zkSync.
    • Approve and Deposit USDC on Engage with financial protocols by depositing USDC.
    • Deploy a Lightweight Contract on This action may flag you as a developer, showing active participation in the ecosystem.
    • Set a Referral Code on Increase your engagement by setting a referral code.
    • Refuel from zkSync to Base on Transfer funds back to Base, showing active use of the bridging services.
    • Bridge from zkSync to zkSync Lite on Engage with the zkSync Lite platform by bridging funds.

By following these steps and actively participating in the zkSync ecosystem, users can enhance their chances of receiving a substantial amount of ZK tokens during the airdrop. The guide aims to provide a comprehensive roadmap for users to engage with zkSyncs applications and participate in testnet activities, potentially leading to rewarding opportunities in the zkSync landscape. Read more here about zkSync Airdrop

CARV Protocol Airdrop

Carv Protocol introduces the $SOUL Drop Campaign, marking the beginning of the Data-to-Earn (D2E) Era. Participants can earn daily $SOUL rewards by sharing authorized personal data linked to their CARV ID. This initiative paves the way for a new era of data-driven incentives and governance within the digital realm.

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What is CARV?

CARV revolutionizes data sovereignty for individuals by merging a protocol with a self-sovereign identity oracle and a decentralized data-sharing infrastructure. It enables seamless management of digital identities across Web2 and Web3, uniting all gaming experiences under one roof. This innovation fosters data empowerment, privacy, and the monetization of personal data.

How to Join the CARV Protocol Airdrop:

  1. Mint Your CARV ID: Start by minting your unique CARV ID and your. Play Name Service to enhance your digital identity.
  2. Bind Your Accounts: Use the account binding feature to link your blockchain network accounts and unlock $SOUL rewards.
  3. Participate in Events: Engage in various events hosted on CARV to earn badges, GEMs, and other valuable prizes.
  4. Invite Friends: Leverage the referral system by inviting friends to join CARV. Enjoy a 10% bonus from their daily mining activities.
  5. Collect Your Task and Do Transactions: Engage in transactions on Ronin, zkSync, opBNB, and Linear to collect SOUL tokens and accumulate transactions for the airdrop. This involves actively participating in the ecosystem, enhancing your contribution, and maximizing your potential rewards.

CARV Protocol Airdrop offers a unique opportunity to earn rewards by participating in the Data-to-Earn era. By engaging with the platform and sharing authorized personal data, users can contribute to the ecosystem while earning $SOUL tokens. This initiative not only rewards participation but also emphasizes the importance of data sovereignty and the potential for personal data monetization in the digital age. Read more here about CARV Protocol Airdrop.

Rainbow Wallet Airdrop

What is Rainbow Wallet?

Rainbow is a mobile Ethereum wallet that stands out for its user-friendly interface, non-custodial nature, and open-source development. It’s designed for both beginners and power users, allowing seamless interaction with DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces. Rainbow supports Layer-2 networks like Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon, enhancing its functionality and versatility for users.

Rainbow Wallet Airdrop

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Rainbow Points Rewards Initiative:

Rainbow introduced Rainbow Points as the first step towards engaging its community in the platform’s future success. This initiative hints at a potential future token airdrop, offering users a unique opportunity to earn rewards through their engagement with the Ethereum ecosystem.

How to Earn Rainbow Points:

  • Eligibility: Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can earn Rainbow Points.
  • Switching from MetaMask to Rainbow: Importing your MetaMask wallet to Rainbow, especially if you’ve used MetaMask’s swap feature in the past year, can earn you extra points.
  • Referral Program: Using a specific referral link can significantly increase your points.

Steps to Grab Rainbow Airdrop and Earn Prizes:

  1. Download and Install Rainbow Wallet: Available on iOS and Android, the Rainbow wallet can be downloaded through this link.
  2. Import/Create Wallet: You can import an existing wallet or create a new one within the app.
  3. Navigate to Points Tab: Look for the parachute logo to access the points section.
  4. Get Started with Referral Code: Use a referral code for an extra bonus when signing up.
  5. Engage in On-Chain Activities: Regular use of your Rainbow wallet for on-chain activities helps accumulate points.
  6. Weekly Airdrops: Points earned are airdropped to users weekly, enhancing the reward mechanism for active participants.

Rainbow Wallet’s airdrop program offers an exciting opportunity for Ethereum users to earn rewards through their engagement with the wallet and its features. By following the steps outlined, users can maximize their chances of earning Rainbow Points and prepare for potential future airdrops. Read more here about Rainbow Airdrop.

exchange comparison

Cosmos-Interchain Airdrop

The Cosmos-Interchain Airdrop presents an exciting opportunity for users to engage with the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem across Osmosis, Celestia, and Cosmos. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to maximize benefits from this interchain airdrop, highlighting the importance of active participation in these networks.

Steps to Participate in the Cosmos-Interchain Airdrop:

  1. Withdrawing $OSMO from a Centralized Exchange (CEX): Begin by withdrawing Osmosis tokens ($OSMO) from your preferred centralized exchange to have control over your assets.
  2. Swapping on Osmosis Zone: Allocate your assets strategically across $TIA, $ATOM, and $OSMO to diversify your interchain portfolio.
  3. IBC Transfer to Respective Chains: Use the Osmosis Zone platform to transfer each coin to its respective chain, ensuring your participation across the interchain ecosystem.
  4. Liquid Staking $TIA on Milkyway Zone: Consider liquid staking a portion of your $TIA holdings to enhance your presence on Celestia and earn ‘organic user’ recognition.
  5. Staking $TIA on Celestia Chain: Stake the majority of your $TIA on Celestia to increase your potential for airdrops within its ecosystem.
  6. Staking $ATOM on Cosmos Hub: Stake your $ATOM holdings on the Cosmos Hub to secure your involvement in the Cosmos network.
  7. Staking $OSMO on Osmosis Chain: Complete your engagement by staking $OSMO on the Osmosis platform.
  8. Participating in Governance Proposals: Actively vote on governance proposals across these networks to contribute to their development and secure potential rewards.
  9. Maximizing Staking Rewards: Regularly claim your staking rewards, perform IBC transfers, and continue swapping between tokens to optimize your portfolio for potential airdrops.

By following this guide, you position yourself at the forefront of the DeFi revolution, leveraging the interchain dynamics of Osmosis, Celestia, and Cosmos. This proactive engagement not only enhances your chances of receiving airdrops but also contributes to the growth and governance of these pioneering projects. Read more here for Cosmos-Interchain Airdrop.

Blast and Blaster Airdrop

What is Blast Layer2?

Blast Layer2 (L2) is making significant strides in the Ethereum ecosystem by offering native yield for ETH and stablecoins. With substantial backing and a unique approach to liquidity efficiency, Blast aims to attract liquidity by providing native yields, setting it apart from other Layer 2 solutions.

How to Use Blast:

  1. Getting Started: To join Blast Layer2, you need an invite, which can be obtained by engaging with Blast on social media platforms like Twitter.
  2. Moving Your Money Over: Once you have an invite, you can move Ethereum (ETH) and some stablecoins to Blast by connecting your digital wallet and following the transfer steps.

There are still two available invite links for Blast offered by CryptoTicker. Trade > 1 ETH and earn more Blast points!

Benefits of Joining Blast Layer2:

  • Earning Money: By moving assets to Blast, you automatically start earning a return on your ETH and stablecoins.
  • Collecting Blast Points: Early users earn Blast Points for moving assets and inviting friends, which become significant when the main network launches.

Maximizing Your $BLAST and $BLSTR Airdrop:

  • Visit and engage in trading on Blasterswap to earn both $BLAST and $BLSTR.
  • For optimal rewards, it’s recommended to trade with at least 1 ETH or more.
  • Participate in the “Blast Big Bang” event, a competition for creating new dApps, to gain exposure and share in the Blast Airdrop.
Blast Competition

The Blast and Blaster Airdrop offers a compelling opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to enhance their trading experience and maximize their earnings. By actively participating in and Blasterswap, users can benefit from $BLAST and $BLSTR airdrops, making the platform an attractive option for those looking to engage more deeply in the crypto rewards space. Read more here about Blast Airdrop.

Nifty Island Airdrop

What is Nifty Island?

Nifty Island, a groundbreaking NFT game, has made waves in the Web3 gaming landscape since its open beta launch on January 17th. It introduces an innovative blend of play-to-earn mechanics, virtual world creation, and blockchain technology, offering players a unique gaming and social interaction experience.

Key Features:

  • Community-Driven Gaming Platform: Players can build games, explore player-created islands, and compete for rewards.
  • Play to Airdrop (P2A): The open beta introduced “Play to Airdrop,” allowing participants to earn ISLAND tokens, the primary currency within the Nifty Island ecosystem.
  • Legendary Palms: Special NFTs awarded through contests and to active community members, offering benefits like free airdrops and exclusive access to PalmDAO.

How to Participate in the Airdrop:

  1. Win $ISLAND Tokens and Free Islands: Participate in the Nifty Island Airdrop campaign to win $ISLAND tokens and free islands.
  2. Earn Points and Blooms: Active gameplay allows participants to earn points and blooms.
  3. Spend Blooms on NFT Rewards: Blooms can be used to purchase NFT rewards in the Nifty Island Marketplace.
  4. Increase Token Allocation: Sharing your islands referral links can increase your token allocation.
  5. Support for Multi-Chain NFTs: The game supports NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, and Coinbases Base network.

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Nifty Island’s open beta marks a significant advancement in Web3 gaming, merging gaming, social connectivity, and blockchain technology. Its innovative play-to-airdrop approach, integration of NFTs, and focus on community-led content development set a new standard in the gaming industry, promising a bright future for both the platform and its community. Read more here about Nifty Island Airdrop

AltLayer Airdrop

What is AltLayer (ALT)?

AltLayer is a protocol for rollups that introduces Restaked Rollups, transforming existing stacks like OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon CDK, ZK Stack, and more. ALT, the native utility token, serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem, including acting as an economic bond, facilitating governance, incentivizing protocol participants, and paying for intra-network services.

Key Features:

  • VITAL: An Actively Validated Service (AVS) where operators verify blocks and states, challenging fraud if necessary.
  • MACH: A protocol to hasten the finality of rollups by enabling operators to restake Ethereum-based assets.
  • SQUAD: Offers decentralized sequencing with economic backing, addressing challenges associated with single sequencer rollups.

How to Claim AltLayer ALT Token:

  1. Eligibility: The airdrop is open to early AltLayer users and selected ecosystem participants, with nearly 500,000 wallets qualifying, including AltLayer NFT owners and those engaged in pre-launch testing.
  2. Claim Process: Eligible participants can claim their ALT tokens by following instructions on AltLayer’s official website. The process involves verifying eligibility and following user-friendly steps to secure the tokens.

Engaging in Staking with AltLayer:

  • Account Setup: Create an account on AltLayers platform.
  • Staking Options: Choose from various staking plans offered by AltLayer.
  • Token Staking: Stake your ALT tokens according to the selected plan to start earning rewards.
  • Investment Monitoring: Utilize AltLayers tools to monitor the performance of your staked tokens.

The AltLayer Airdrop represents a significant milestone in the Ethereum ecosystem, offering a decentralized protocol for developers to deploy rollups and scaling solutions. By participating in the airdrop and engaging in staking, users can contribute to the growth of AltLayer and benefit from its innovative approach to enhancing the Ethereum network. Read more here about AltLayer Airdrop.

Solana Hunger Games Airdrop

What is Solana Hunger Games?

Solana Hunger Games is a new blockchain-based game that combines augmented reality and social-fi elements, offering players a unique gaming experience. Backed by notable names in the crypto industry, including Delphi Digital, this game introduces a fresh concept in the realm of crypto gaming.

Key Features:

  • Dual Roles: Players can choose to be either a ‘Hunter,’ exploring the city for AR GBoxes filled with ‘G,’ or a ‘Sponsor,’ strategizing and supporting Hunters from the sidelines.
  • Dynamic Jackpot: The game features a dynamic Jackpot that grows with player participation, trading, and game engagement, offering a collaborative and evolving reward system.
  • Mission and Support: GG aims to blend crypto, gaming, and augmented reality to create the first ARC (AR Crypto) gaming ecosystem on Solana, supported by veterans from major DeFi and Web3 protocols.

How to Participate in the Airdrop:

  1. Early Access: GG has launched an Early Access phase, an invite-only opportunity for pioneers to start earning ‘G’ early in the game.
  2. Referral Codes: Players can use referral codes to gain personal perks and contribute to the Jackpot. These codes are crucial for maximizing participation benefits.
  3. Investment Range: It’s suggested that participants be prepared to invest between 0.5 ETH to 1 ETH to fully benefit from using the referral codes. Check the invite links on this article.

Solana Hunger Games is not just another entry in the crypto gaming space; it stands out with its augmented reality features, social-fi twists, and a dynamic Jackpot. As the community grows, GG is poised to be a leader in shaping the future of blockchain-based gaming, offering both crypto enthusiasts and gamers an invitation to a new era of gaming adventure. Read more here about Solana Hunger Games Airdrop.

More Airdrops Opportunity on the Solana Platform

The Solana ecosystem is buzzing with potential airdrops following the massive $800 million $JUP airdrop. With Solana’s high-speed blockchain, these airdrops offer participants a chance to earn significant rewards. Here’s a closer look at the top 9 Solana airdrops that could potentially turn participants into millionaires.

Why Opt for Solana Airdrops?

Instead of chasing the $JUP FOMO, exploring various projects within the Solana ecosystem can provide diverse opportunities to earn tokens. This approach allows participants to engage with different projects, each offering unique earning potentials.

Top 9 Solana Airdrops:

  1. Marinade Finance ($MNDE): A DAO with a unique staking protocol offering both direct and liquid staking options.
  2. Marginfi ($MFI): A decentralized lending protocol offering efficient, flexible, and transparent borrowing and lending services.
  3. Meteora AG ($MET): Ensures stablecoin liquidity, lending protocol capital, and efficient AMM pools within Solana.
  4. Kamino Finance ($KAMINO): Manages Concentrated Liquidity positions on Solana’s DEX with smart quantitative models.
  5. Tensor HQ ($TENSOR): An NFT marketplace integrated with AMM, allowing liquidity provision for buying and selling orders within NFT collections.
  6. Drift Protocol ($DRIFT): A decentralized exchange on Solana offering peer-to-peer trading with cross-margin accounts and an automated market maker.
  7. ZetaMarkets ($ZETA): An options trading platform for hedging risks against market volatility and unexpected events.
  8. The PepperDEX ($PEP): A trading platform featuring spot market, order-book-based perpetual trading, and expiring futures, rooted in the Hxro Network.
  9. Parcl ($PARCL): A decentralized real estate trading platform with city indexes for speculating on global real estate price movements.

Read more about Top 9 Solana Airdrops here

The Solana ecosystem’s potential airdrops offer a thrilling opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to engage with various projects and earn significant rewards. By participating in these airdrops, individuals can diversify their crypto portfolios and contribute to the growth of Solana’s decentralized finance world.


We’ve journeyed through a list of exciting airdrops across different blockchain ecosystems. These opportunities are not just about getting free tokens; they’re a way to dive deeper into the crypto world, engage with new projects, and potentially increase your holdings. Remember, exploring these airdrops can be a fun and rewarding part of your crypto adventure. Happy hunting!

Where to Buy Crypto in 2024?

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