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Mark Minervini

Mark Minervini

Mark Minervini, a trading legend and four-time author, won the US Investing Championship in 1997. He entered the championship again this year and is leading with a 226.6% gain through July.

He breaks down his trading strategy and shares 5 core rules that he follows with great discipline.

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Veteran trader Mark Minervini gained 226.6% through July this year. He breaks down his trading strategy, including how he identifies optimal points to buy and shares 5 trading rules he sticks to with discipline.

This is a photo of Adrian Zduczyk in a shirt with parrot prints touching his glasses.

Adrian Zduczyk

Adrian Zduczyk, the founder and CEO of the Birb Nest, identifies 5 altcoins he says could surge by 10 to 100 times during an upcoming “legendary” season for crypto. He tells Insider some are undervalued and have room to grow, while others are great longer-term projects.

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5 altcoins that could surge by 10 to 100 times in the coming ‘legendary’ altcoin season that outshines bitcoin, according to a crypto technical analyst who’s holding them

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