Looking For Retroactive Airdrops? You Might Want To Use These Protocols!

Uniswap introduced the world to a unique concept – the launching of tokens and retroactive airdrops to the users who had interacted with the protocol before, through either trading or liquidity provision. It was literally free money, a huge success and contributed to the user retention / popularity / usage of the world’s most famous decentralized exchange (DEX) later. The retroactive airdrops gained traction and several protocols specially DeFi soon followed. What are some of the other protocols that haven’t airdropped (yet)?

5. ParaSwap

ParaSwap is a liquidity aggregator compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and of course Polygon MATIC. It sources liquidity from different sources, so users can swap assets at the best rates and paying the least fees. Its a 1inch.exchange equivalent, which is yet to launch a token, hence its highly recommended to try using the protocol as they might retroactively airdrop a governance token in the future.

Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity - ParaSwap
Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity – ParaSwap

4. dYdX

dYdX is another Ethereum based trading platform, which focuses on decentralized spot, margin and perpetuals trading. It aims to provide the features, which were only available in centralized exchanges before. The unique facility is allowing users can long and short their bets on different crypto-assets in a trust-less manner, so to speculate on their future price and try to secure an amount disproportional to their assets holdings, however by taking more risk and under penalty of liquidation, if proven wrong.

Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity - dYdX
Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity – dYdX

The perpetuals trading is available on Ethereum L2, powered by Starkware solution. However, the spot, margin and perpetuals also exist on the Ethereum base layer. Until now, dYdX hasn’t airdropped any token yet and there’s high probability that they might, so it’s advisable to make a few trades on this protocol.

3. OpenSea

OpenSea is the world’s renowned NFT trading platform with an extensive NFT collection and feature set. It’s the largest of it’s kind in the world. They currently do not have a token for the project. However, there’s high speculation that users of the platform might get an airdrop in the future, if the team chooses to push for public ownership and for true decentralization of the governance.

Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity - OpenSea
Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity – OpenSea

2. Opyn

Opyn is a DeFi protocol, focusing on bringing options trading on-chain. It allows for non custodial ERC-20 tokens options trading, an area usually ran by centralized exchanges. These options are derivative products that allows traders an opportunity (not obligation) to buy or sell an asset at a set price on a set date.

Retroactive Airdrop Opportunity - Opyn

Options are used for hedging, speculation, yielding and leveraging positions. Opyn doesn’t have a token yet and there’s a chance that users might receive an airdrop in the future, so keep an eye out!

MetaMask is a Web3 mobile app and browser extension that lets users connect their wallets to the decentralized web or applications that run primarily on Ethereum. Although, it has since expanded it’s support for multiple smart contract networks. It has two functions, the first being a bridge to decentralized apps and the second, being a crypto wallet.

The extension can be connected to a hardware wallet like Ledger, which allows for the most secure and functional crypto setup, allowing users to access the Web3. MetaMask also doesn’t have a token and there might be an airdrop, however it’s not known with certainty.

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