Is Crypto Dead? Heres Why Crypto Prices Have Dumped

The cryptocurrency market is often speculated about in the financial market, and many consider it a haven for investments. In previous years, crypto users enjoyed crypto rallies resulting in a market valuation that surpassed the $2 trillion mark.

Indeed, this year has been bad for traders as they kept recording losses in their portfolios due to the protracted bear conditions of the market. While the crypto downtrend continues, it is important to note that crypto is still alive, offering excellent investment opportunities.

While this article highlights crucial reasons for the current crypto dump, it also provides insights about new crypto projects, like Dash 2 Trade , RobotEra, IMPT, and Calvaria, that are set to pump massively.

Three Reasons for The Crypto Dump?

Presently, the crypto market has lost over half of its market valuation. Here are three reasons for the current market condition:

Change in the market cycle

The crypto market attests to this expression: “what goes up must surely come down.” This year unleashed the bear market, with top crypto assets experiencing massive price drawdowns. With the bears in complete charge, there is immense sell pressure in the market, taking crypto prices to lower lows.

The exit of promising crypto projects

Many crypto projects were promising during their early stages. This promise made drew investors to their platform. However, they have become bankrupt due to hacks or project founders siphoning investors’ money into their pockets.

Moreso, other projects abandoned their whitepaper promises resulting in the spread of FUD in the crypto community. This situation resulted in crypto users dumping their crypto coins in the market.

Crypto Regulations

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, as no central authority influences its decisions. However, with the current exchange hacks and many pump-and-dump schemes, government officials are calling for crypto regulations. As a result, many investors are pulling their funds out of the crypto space to avoid future trading restrictions.

Four Crypto Projects That Will Pump in Price

Despite the gloomy outlook of the crypto market, experts are sure that it will turn around and provide more gains for investors. More so, anyone looking to make huge gains amidst the crypto winter can take advantage of these four cryptocurrencies:

Dash 2 Trade: A Unique Crypto Analytics Platform for Crypto Traders

Dash 2 Trade is a quality crypto analytics platform seeking to improve every crypto user’s trading journey. Dash 2 Trade will achieve this objective by implementing a unique dashboard. The D2T dashboard will also feature trading tools that users can utilize to create market-beating strategies and earn more profits.

These trading tools include a scoring system for new crypto ICOs, trading signals, social and technical indicators, auto trading API, and strategy builder and backtester. To enjoy premium access to this dashboard, users must subscribe monthly using $D2T tokens, either 400 $D2T or 1,000 $D2T. Users must hold $D2T tokens to have a total share in the D2T ecosystem.

Dash 2 Trade invites crypto users to participate in its ongoing presale event, where they can purchase $D2T tokens at a relatively low price before the dashboard goes live.

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RobotEra: A Unique Metaverse Crypto

RobotEra is an immersive sandbox-like metaverse focused on planet-building and earning beautiful crypto rewards. Players take on the form of robot NFTs and freely explore the virtual world of Taro.

RobotEra provides numerous opportunities for players to earn rewards. For instance, when users develop their robot companions, they can trade them in the RobotEra marketplace for cash. Also, players can stake their digital assets (NFTs) and $TARO tokens to help rebuild the planet and earn passive income.

RobotEra ecosystem is powered by $TARO tokens, which offers its holders the opportunity to democratically engage in discussions that would ensure the crypto project’s growth in the future. As such, crypto enthusiasts and investors are welcome to have a share of the 270 million $TARO tokens available during the presale event.

>>Buy RobotEra Now<<>>>Buy RobotEra Now<<< An Eco-friendly Project with Carbon Offset Features brings revolutionary eco-friendly features and solutions to ensure that individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprints. By introducing a carbon offset program, connects users with socially responsible brands that cater to their shopping needs. When they regularly shop with these brands, they earn cashback from carbon credits.

These carbon credits are tokenized as NFTs, which users can trade, hold, or retire in the IMPT ecosystem. Users who choose to retire theirs can earn unique digital artworks that are very valuable.

The $IMPT tokens power the ecosystem, and users can hold them to purchase projects and participate in the project’s DAO. Consequently, eco-conscious investors can be sure of massive future gains by purchasing $IMPT tokens via its ongoing presale event.

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Calvaria: A play-to-earn ecosystem for mobile gamers

Calvaria is a unique play-to-earn ecosystem aiming to speed up users’ crypto adoption. The platform is developing a mobile game called Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. This game features playable NFT characters with unique abilities in the form of battle cards. Users can engage in the P2P battlefield with these battle cards and employ unique strategies to win their opponents.

The calvaria platform features two utility tokens: $eRIA and $RIA tokens. $eRIA is the in-game token users can earn to upgrade their cards and boost their chances of winning in the calvaria game. $RIA drives the Calvaria ecosystem and enables its holders to participate in staking pools to earn passively and the project’s DAO. Users can trade these tokens on third-party exchanges.

Interestingly, the $RIA token is available on presale for crypto users and investors to scoop up and hold, as this platform aims to provide the best gaming experience for users across the globe.

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Final Thoughts

With all that is said, crypto is certainly not dead. It could take a while before you can see gains on existing cryptos in the market. However, that should encourage you to invest in feature-rich crypto projects.

The four cryptos discussed in this article are sure to excel and dominate the market in the coming year. As such, you do not have to fold your arms and watch these crypto projects go public before you invest. Instead, take immediate action to invest in their early stages. Doing so will ensure you enjoy immeasurable gains now and in better market cycles to come.

Get on board now!