Is avril15 Going to Replace Reddit or Aptos NFTs as The Next Big Project?


avril15 beating the bear market?

avril15 has just shown the bear market how to be successful with their most recent non fungible token selling for 12.25ETH after an epic bidding war between two collectors. 

If you’re not in the loop, avril15 is a collection of NFTs released in seasons, hand drawn in ink and coloured digitally. The NFTs have traded over 350ETH since launch, with a passionate and devoted community championing this collection.

Since launch, avril15 Season One has exploded with a floor price of 2.8ETH from a mint price of 0.15ETH, trading nearly 200ETH for only 150 NFTs.

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The famous actor Seth Green has recently become a holder, investing over 8ETH in a selection of avril15 NFTs, a clear sign of belief and how far this project reaching from its home in Brighton, UK.

Seth Green isn’t the only celebrity who has identified the potential of avril15 as they were one of the inaugural projects invited to join The Hug as a featured projecting are now working alongside Randi Zuckerberg, sister of tech giant Mark Zuckerberg!

These aren’t the only celebrities in the space with Antony Hopkins, Snoop Dogg and SIA being active collectors!

With only 500 NFTs available and Season 3 in the works, being early on avril15 looks like a very strong bet. 

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