I Am Myriad Kicks Off its Web3 Ambitions with Amesweh Aliens NFT Collection

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There is definitely no shortage of interesting Web3 companies in the market. Many companies have created new platforms that use cutting-edge technology to bring the best NFT and metaverse experiences. With today’s refined Web3 technology, these companies can tell interesting narratives and provide compelling experiences to users.

A new Web3 company called I am Myriad is making waves in the market because of this approach. Along with an NFT marketplace, the company has launched a new NFT collection with a captivating story called Amesweh Aliens. Learn all you need to know about I Am Myriad and the Amesweh Aliens NFT collection here.

I Am Myriad is a Next-Gen Web3 Company

I Am Myriad is an up-and-coming Web3 company that specializes in delivering a broad range of Web3-focused experiences, including those related to NFTs. The team is creating a space where artists, musicians, brands, and filmmakers can utilize its platform to engage with their respective communities.

The I Am Myriad platform includes an NFT marketplace that is built on the BSC network. As a result, there are very low gas fees and free minting of NFTs, which collectors will no doubt love. Cryptocurrencies that can be used include USDT, BNB, and BUSD, though there will be support for more assets in the future.

I Am Myriad’s first major effort in the Web3 space is the Amesweh Aliens NFT collection, which is a collaborative project launched with an emerging artist. The collection is a sign of I Am Myriad’s strong emphasis on authenticity, a key factor when it comes to being listed on the platform’s NFT marketplace.

The I Am Myriad NFT marketplace has many collections.

The NFT marketplace is a big part of the I Am Myriad ecosystem, where users will buy the many authentic NFT collections the team plans to offer. Users can connect to the marketplace with any compatible wallet, like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Then, to buy an NFT, they simply have to select a particular NFT and follow the straightforward on-screen prompts.

The benefits of being on the BSC network make the collections more appealing because of the lower costs. The NFTs can be sold on any BSC-based marketplace, and users will only need a little BNB to pay for gas fees.

There are various kinds of NFTs available on the I Am Myriad marketplace. However, the most interesting of these is the Amesweh Aliens, which has some stellar artwork and could really draw a lot of investors in.

What is the Amesweh Aliens NFT collection?

A character from one of the four Amesweh Aliens factions.

The first major release of I Am Myriad is the aforementioned Amesweh Aliens NFT collection. This is a set of 2,222 NFTs based on four alien races, each with its own distinct philosophy. The art style of the collection is based on the NJO Creations anime art style. These NFTs have added benefits and utility besides just striking artwork.

These aliens belong to four clans: Zahrab, Azrachola, Lahdom, and Humora. They have different philosophies: rivalry, dominance, vengeance, and harmony. The 2,222 NFTs collectively tell a tale of these beings living in the world of Tasir.

The artist behind the project is a 14-year-old called Naomi John O., who has an inspiring story and has made many contributions to charity. This truly is in keeping with I Am Myriad’s focus on community and altruistic purpose. The project even makes efforts to feed the hungry in impoverished countries like Uganda and provide women with sanitary supplies.

What is particularly interesting is that each NFT holder can directly contribute to the storyline of this world. There will be ten anime-style episodes in this universe, with each episode being 2 to 3 minutes long. The anime episodes will enter production once the NFTs have sold out.

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple benefits to holding an Amesweh Aliens NFT. The most significant of these is the fact that holders will receive Tether royalty rewards generated from the proceeds of the NFT marketplace.

The near future for both Amesweh Aliens and I Am Myriad look very promising. Amesweh Aliens is bringing an exciting narrative-focused project to the NFT market, while I Am Myriad is fostering the creation of authentic, community-focused NFTs. It’s an exciting time to be an NFT collector and creator.

Bringing Authentic Narratives to the NFT Space

I Am Myriad is offering a fascinating NFT collection to collectors while also providing creators with a fair and reliable marketplace. Everything about the project is community-driven, and the team is extremely focused on making it a platform for all stakeholders. Whether it’s artists, creators, or NFT collectors, the team wants everyone to collaborate to create the most fun experience.

We should expect to see more collections with strong narratives like Amesweh Aliens. But, for now, users should check out the NFT series before it inevitably takes the NFT market by storm.

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