How Is Dogeliens Token Invading The Metaverse? Find Out How Ethereum Classic And Cosmos Are Doing Right Now

This era is testimony to the need for cryptocurrencies – it helps us liberate ourselves from the unnecessary shackles we’ve always had around our feet, consciously or unconsciously. Meme coins fall under the giant umbrella of cryptocurrency. This digital currency has recently been recognized after Elon Musk tweeted about its efficacy and hinted about adding them as one possible channel to invest in Tesla. Right after the news came in, the stocks went beyond the sky and happened to have many capitalists on board. Since then, things have been going north for meme coins, but it’s still quite a task to show up one at a time.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have had their hold on the market for some years, but trends are abruptly shifting and giving way to more efficient and problem-focused tokens that, in some way, can bring value to the table. The audience is no more interested in cashing merely a single facet of meme coins, they want more of it, and this leaves a massive gap that previously DOGE or SHIB were unable to bridge and that gave rise to projects like Dogeliens Toke (DOGET) that rightly have cemented and met the demands of its community.

Dogeliens Token (DOGET) Defies the Odds Previously Set by Typical Meme Coins

Dogeliens Token is all set to invade the metaverse. It finds Meta to be a deciding factor for guaranteed returns because the hype – all it needs is support or a helping hand from a viable token. Dogeliens Token (DOGET) is a DeFi meme token based on a democratic governance model that grants every stakeholder rights to contribute to the network. Moreover, they’ll be deemed worthy members, and their suggestions will be valued against their stake in the pool. This obliterates the likelihood of any single entity dictating his will to the entire community.

The decision will democratically proceed, and everyone will have their SAY! Dogeliens Token (DOGET) will deduct 10% of tax on each transaction on-chain; this 10% will further be sub-distributed to fractions of 3% of this tax will straightaway go to the charity bodies. The remaining percentage will be utilized for reflection and to improve the infrastructure.

Dogeliens Token (DOGET) claims to have an open-source code that anyone can peek into and figure out if it’s something that the platform advocates, and if anybody feels like copying the code and releasing his own project — this too is welcomed. The Dogeliens Token’s (DOGET) mission is to empower people and blow an entrepreneurial soul into the community. This wouldn’t have been possible, wasn’t it for the open code it released?

Presale is LIVE, and you can directly head to the website to buy DOGET — For an additional offer, refer DOGET to your friends and those you know. If anybody somehow puts 250 USD into Dogeliens Token (DOGET), you’ll receive 50 USD worth of DOGET right away. All you gotta do is communicate and spread the word – this can potentially make you a big-time fortune.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Goes Up in Price

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is sort of patronized under the Ethereum Blockchain, but after the recent shift of Ethereum from PoW to the PoS model, a huge gap is left behind. Ethereum Classic (ETC) definitely has registered a minute spike, given its low price and still relativity in the market.

Cosmos (ATOM) Connects the World

Cosmos (ATOM) promotes interconnectivity and encourages isolated blockchains to operate together interoperably. This gives its stakeholders an added advantage to leverage the positives of major blockchains. This is the reason why this concept has lately been admired for its efficacy.

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