How ChainXworld Is Using DeFi and Blockchain Technology to

Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2021, the cryptocurrency space has seen remarkable growth. All-time highs and ever-expanding use-cases have led to entire industries being transformed, including real estate and the e-commerce industry. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a newer use of blockchain technology that has accelerated in popularity and growth this year. One project that has combined DeFi with the real estate and the e-commerce industry is ChainXworld.

ChainXworld and its two projects ChainXstate and ChainXcommerce have found a way to use the power of blockchain smart contracts to ensure anybody who wants to invest in real estate and e-commerce can do so. DeFi smart contracts take care of all the work of receiving money and paying out, all while adjusting to the continually-changing current market conditions.

The CXW-Token is a BNB-based DeFi token that is decentralized, secured by the blockchain, and backed by real estate and e-commerce. Thanks to a sizable portfolio of real estate properties located in Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia, and Africa, and numerous e-commerce campaigns, investors can purchase the projects native CXW-Token and immediately invest in real estate properties or e-commerce-projects.

Depending on how well a real estate- or e-commerce project performs, revenues get updated during monthly audits and reports, with profits adjusted. Thanks to utilizing blockchain technology, investors can take profit every day through daily payouts. As a DeFi project, it also has its own wallet for CXW-Tokens. However, it is actually based on a unique hybrid model. This means it can support the purchase of CXW-Tokens using both major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin etc., as well as fiat currencies. While ChainXstate and ChainXcomerce stay connected to existing payment and banking infrastructure, it is still completely decentralized.

What ChainXstate has done for the real estate industry is monumental when you consider the industry houses a multi-trillion asset class. With 2021 only being a little more than halfway through, around $15 billion worth of real estate has already been tokenized. ChainXstate’s securing of its native token using real estate properties allows anyone to get in on profits from essentially holding shares of a company.

When you invest in CXW-Tokens, you will have access to a regular income stream that takes the hassle out of complex real estate transactions that are traditionally done. Investing in real estate or e-commerce has never been easier. You simply buy CXW-Tokens, transfer them to the Metamint protocol and receive daily payouts from real estate and e-commerce profits. This is one of the chief perks of DeFi integration into real estate and e-commerce investing. Find out more about ChainXworld on

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