Gaming Giant Square Enix Joins Oasys in Developing Blockchain Games

On September 12, Square Enix, a Japanese game development company, announced that it has joined the blockchain game startup Oasys to jointly explore the feasibility of using user contributions to develop new games on the Oasys blockchain.

Square Enix will be the last major game publisher to join the Oasys blockchain, focusing on creating better experiences and shaping blockchain gaming.

Square Enix, a global entertainment company, has released more than 173 million Final Fantasy games.

Square Enix announced in its first-quarter earnings report this year that it plans to launch an overseas company dedicated to issuing, managing, and investing in its own tokens. The company launched its own blockchain entertainment business unit in April 2022.

Oasys is an eco-friendly blockchain built for the gaming community, providing users with fast transactions and zero gas fees.

The Director from Oasys, Daiki Moriyama said: “To partner with a respected and ambitious gaming company such as Square Enix, helps us to accelerate our collective mission to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. With our partnership, we will be able to truly bring new experiences and empower gaming fans from all backgrounds while helping to establish the next stage of growth for blockchain entertainment.”

Oasys, a Japan and Singapore-based company focused on developing blockchain games, revealed that it has secured $20 million in investments from a cryptocurrency leader on July

In June, Oasys and Consensys formed a strategic partnership to create a better end-to-end blockchain gaming experience.

Oasys is actively listing its tokens on several of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges and is leading the way in blockchain gaming by bringing traditional gaming IPs on-chain.

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This article was originally reported on Blockchain News.