eWorld Companies, Inc. Secures Real Meta Tech LLC as Lead Marketing Partner for Bitcoin Wine NFT – BlockChain News Today

eWorld Companies, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Angelini Trading Company have reached an agreement with Real Meta Tech LLC for Real Meta Tech to serve as the Lead Marketing Partner for eWorld’s Bitcoin Wine Project. Under the terms of the agreement, Real Meta Tech will use its best efforts to promote and market Bitcoin Wine using all their tools and recourses including social media posts, strategic marketing strategies and their comprehensive list of influencers.

eWorld Companies CEO Pablo Wagner commented, “This marks a huge milestone for our company and our Bitcoin Wine NFT project. After four months of interviewing, cross examining, due diligence and critical thinking, we are confident that Real Meta Tech LLC is the perfect choice to lead this promotion. While it’s never possible to project actual future events, we have always believed that with the correct marketing approach we could quickly sell out our entire inventory of 10,000 Bitcoin Wine NFTs @$1,000 each and generate $10,000,000 in sales within a very short time frame. We believe Real Meta Tech has the staff, the experience, the tools and the track record to help us achieve that goal.”


Real Meta Tech LLC was founded by Roger Ruiz and Jeff Ivory. Mr. Ivory is an engineer turned Metaverse incubator/ Web3 architect and the founder of GoldenNetworks, a company empowering brands and influencers to scale and grow their business through the integration of Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse technologies. He is actively pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within web 3.0 as he pioneers neverbefore-seen business models and mainstream adoption of blockchain technology within the crypto industry.

Mr. Ivory is currently advising several future forward web 3.0 companies including TheUrban Metaverse, and is also the Chief Creative Officer at Centerblock, where he oversees all aspects of the ideation, creation, and deployment of dynamic NFT assets to the vertically integrated NFT marketplace, “Proxime,  which provides a turnkey solution for sports legends, celebrities and entertainers to monetize their IP across multiple blockchains.

Roger Ruiz has been a professional boxing manager for more than 12 years and is the developer of BoxStats, the #1 research app in boxing. He is also the Managing Partner at Legendz Entertainment, where he has had major success  in the boxing industry by developing strategic marketing campaigns that have taken numerous professional boxers to stardom.

Mr. Ivory and Mr. Ruiz joined forces through their mutual interests in Web3 and started

Real Meta Tech LLC, which leverages a wide array of internal assets including Metaverse funding, Influencer Networks and Virtual Production Technology to deliver high level NFT projects.

Real Meta Tech is currently developing plans using blockchain technology to bring boxing and live entertainment sports into the metaverse on a platform called Omni Metaverse. They are also planning the release of OmniTV, which is scheduled to be available in millions of U.S. households across the United States within the next few months. OmniTV will incorporate a never-before-seen utility called Watch2Earn (W2E) that will reward viewers in cryptocurrency for tuning in to their channel. Discussions are currently underway for a campaign that airs commercials for Bitcoin Wine between shows and allows viewers to be rewarded with Bitcoin Wine’s VINO tokens for simply watching the shows and commercials.

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