Ethereum founder set to appear at ‘NFT Taipei’ | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — OneOffs NFT International Art Fair featuring heavyweight NFT projects are on display at W Hotel until Sunday (Dec. 11).

The second edition of OneOffs NFT International Art Fair opened Friday (Dec. 9) in Taipei. Themed “Butterfly Effect,” the fair looks at the future of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as applications surrounding the metaverse continue to expand.

There are 60 art galleries and projects participating in the event. The collaboration NFT project “CloneX,” launched by virtual fashion brand, RTFKT, and the Japanese modernist artist Murakami Takashi, is on display.

RTFKT and Murakami Takashi’s NFT project “CloneX.” (YouTube video)

Justin Lu (), Chairwoman of Taiwan’s NFT Application and Development Association (NADA), told Taiwan News that OneOffs is the prelude to the upcoming major NFT festival “NFT Taipei.”

Having devoted herself to promoting NFTs in Taiwan since 2017, Lu was motivated by her previous work experience working for a game company. She noticed that online players like to exchange virtual objects and this was against the company’s interests.

However, after the launch of the viral NFTs project CryptoKitties, Lu found a whole new world for trading digital items and later co-established Lootex Technology.

Lu said “NFT Taipei” is open to the public, while OneOffs suits art lovers and professional virtual asset collectors more. Inspired by “NFT NYC,” “NFT Taipei” will take place for eight days in various locations.

Lu shared that Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, would come to Taiwan to give a talk at “NFT Taipei.” Additionally, there will be forums and fun outdoor events.

Notably, Taiwan’s studio DMKTZ, focusing on creating digital fashion assets, will also participate in the three-day event OneOffs. In the lab-like room No.1722, the team invites visitors to mint streetwear with their own avatars.

Compared to overseas fairs focusing on blockchain technology, Lu said OneOffs was unique. “It is more than playing animations on the screens. There are many interesting curating ways that allow visitors to interact with NFTs creatively.”