ETH, BTC, Cardano, 22nd Nov 2022

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: ETH, BTC, Cardano, 22nd Nov 2022

The year 2022 was a difficult year for the cryptocurrency sector. Since the year’s start, the majority of cryptocurrencies have decreased by an average of more than 60%. Cardano appears to have been battered particularly hard, shedding more than 74% in just 11 months. But it appears that the market has bottomed out. Investors in cryptocurrencies are preparing to reenter the market. Is this a good time to purchase Cardano before 2023 at the present price?

Ethereum Price Prediction

The price of ethereum is continuing trending substantially downward as we approach the last trading day of November. All attempts by the bulls to recover from the 35% decline seen earlier this month have been unsuccessful. In the event that market circumstances persist, the bears can push prices down to their most recent lows of $1,080.

Ethereum is currently valued at $1,205. Like Bitcoin, ETH hasn’t yet been able to surpass the 8-day exponential moving average. The sparse interpretation of the Volume Profile Indicators would suggest that high-cap investors will wait until a distinct trend emerges as a result of the congestion.

If the market is indeed in a bearish trend, ETH’s next objectives will be the summer lows of $880 and $1,080.

The negative viewpoint would be disproved if the bulls were able to regain the $1,350 swing high. As a result, there can be another surge toward the 21-day simple moving average’s $1,450 level. The price of Ethereum would rise by 20% in comparison to its current market value if the invalidation scenario came to fruition.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

The price of bitcoin is currently stabilising below $17,000, so nothing significant has happened yet. Since the 25% fall earlier in the month, the peer-to-peer digital currency has been trapped within a coiling trading range. A pennant formation may be seen close to the recently formed monthly lows, which would result in a drop of a similar value to the rise that came before it.

After receiving repeated rejections from the bears at $17,000 through the 8-day exponential moving average, the price of bitcoin is now at $16,682. This week’s pennant-like pattern can be predicted using classical analysis. If the technical analysis is correct, the bearish targets are $14,000 and perhaps $12,750.

When the thrust candle at $18,250 is breached, it would be proof against the bearish theory. If the level is marked, the bulls might create a countertrend climb back to $20,000. The price of Bitcoin would rise by 23% if the invalidation scenario came to pass.

Cardano Price Prediction

2022 was a bad year for cryptos. It’s all part of the game, even though some years are bullish and others are bearish. Nothing ascends without also falling. In 2022, Cardano saw a loss of more than 74%, falling from a peak of $1.3 to its current price of $0.32.

Naturally, a bull market always comes after a bear market. Here, the topic at hand is the cryptocurrency business as a whole, not a specific coin. Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have experienced years of price growth and decline. Prices are expected to rise at the end of 2023, which will likely be a year of consolidation.

A reasonable entrance price for Cardano is the 30 cent price point. In 2018, this price range acted as a substantial impediment to ADA. Since prices are now predicted to grow from this price, it should serve as a support.

However, any significant price breach of the 30 cent limit should result in a 20 cent drop in ADA rates. This makes it essential to keep an eye on the entire crypto market.

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