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Disruptive Trends in Gaming, Crypto, NFTs, E-commerce, and Metaverse Reshape the Year Ahead

Blockchain, Innovation, News | October 21, 2021 br>
By: David Pimentel

Activate Consulting, a management consulting firm for technology, internet, media, entertainment, and sports businesses, has released their annual Activate Technology and Media 2022 Outlook, a comprehensive report on the state of the internet, technology, media, and entertainment industries.

Activate Consulting’s seventh annual report focuses on topics such as the next era of gaming, the fight for the Metaverse, Super Users, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, E-commerce, and more. The report is based on groundbreaking proprietary research that proves trends throughout the industry including:

  • Global technology and media spend surpasses $2T in 2021 and will balloon to $2.5T by 2025.
  • Super Users, who outspend all other consumers combined, spend more than 17 hrs/day on technology and media, outspending average consumers from double (video) to 16x (music).
  • Multi-tasking has led to an average of 13 hrs/day spent on technology and media. This is up nearly an hour from pre-pandemic behavior and has been largely sustained since.
  • Gaming continues to be the fastest growing sector and should see a CAGR of 8%, topping more than $220B in the next few years.
  • Expect substantial gaming acquisitions in 2022 as Big Tech realizes it must bolster its gaming strategy and offerings to stay competitive.
  • Despite the hype around Metaverse, the only companies that can succeed in the Metaverse are gaming companies. The only viable path to the Metaverse is through gaming platforms. Anyone betting on a Metaverse platform other than gaming is betting on the wrong horse.
  • Gaming is going to be a significant driver in crypto and NFT innovation and proliferation.
  • An astonishing 1:6 Americans have already transacted with crypto for investment or speculation.
  • The surge in shopping club memberships during supply chain shortages is a significant story.
  • The sale of virtual goods and skins will surge with the continued rise of gaming.

This year, we decided to not only focus this Outlook report on the year ahead, but also to take a look back at previous predictions and how they shaped the latest and greatest trends, including the boom in Gaming, E-commerce, Betting, and FinTech, said Michael J. Wolf, Activate Consulting CEO and Co-Founder. The forecasts shared today will profoundly impact technology and media industries as we approach 2022 and beyond.

You can find the full report here:https://www.activate.com/#outlook