CSPR, D2T, And IMPT Are The Best Crypto To Buy This Week

Even though the bear market has dominated the crypto world in the last few months, there are still promising projects that have emerged with huge potential to become the next bull runners. Here are the top cryptos you must not miss out on this week:  

  • Calvaria – Free battle card game with the option to make money, 

  • Tamadoge – A meme coin set to surpass Dogecoin, 

  • Casper – Developer-friendly enterprise blockchain. 

Dash 2 Trade – The Best Crypto to Buy This Week  

Currently on presale stage 3, D2T is a token you must not miss out on this week. It is a native coin of the Dash 2 Trade platform available for the price of 0.0533 USDT. If you purchase D2T now, it will bring back huge profits once the coin is launched. As the native coin of the Dash 2 Trade platform, D2T has a huge use case – users will use the coin to subscribe to the platform and get access to different kinds of features. 

The platform has huge support from the community, and over 70,000 traders support this project. Dash 2 Trade is a crypto analytic platform that will provide investors with an in-depth analysis of the crypto they are trading or are interested in trading. Also, the platform will provide valuable tactic suggestions for those who are not so experienced in crypto trading. Aside from charts and crypto signals, Dash 2 Trade will also have Technical indicators, On-chain metrics, DEX, and CEX listing.  

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Impt.io – The Best Green Crypto Project  

Impt.io is a unique green crypto project that aims to connect individuals and companies that wish to reduce their carbon footprint. As you may know, the carbon credits market has quadrupled since 2020, leaving investors a huge opportunity to earn money and compensate for their carbon emissions. Impt.io is a carbon credit marketplace that runs on a blockchain, where users can purchase their carbon credits in the form of NFTs.  

The native and utility coin of the platform is IMPT, which investors will use to mint their carbon credits NFTs. We should mention that mining facilities are powered by renewable energy sources that come from hydroelectricity generated in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.  

IMPT token is currently on presale for $0.023, and over 12 million dollars have already been raised. This shows us investors have a huge interest in this token. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and buy IMPT tokens now.  

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Calvaria – Free Battle Card Game With the Option to Make Money 

Like Impt.io, Calvaria is a crypto project that is connected to a market that is ever-growing – the gaming industry. Calvaria: Duels of Infinity is a battle card blockchain-based game that comes in two versions: free and play-to-earn. In both versions, players will have all features and options available; the only difference is that the play-to-earn version provides players an opportunity to earn money.  

The native coin of the game is $RIA, which is on presale, just like D2T and IMPT. If you purchase it now, you will get 40.00 $RIA for 1 USDT. Purchasing $RIA tokens right now means you will also be entitled to participate in a special draw for $100,000 worth of $RIA coins that will be split among the three luckiest buyers.  

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Tamadoge – A Meme Coin Set to Surpass Dogecoin 

The meme coin and utility token for Tamadoge play-to-earn game has raised over 19 million dollars in its presale that ended a couple of months ago. TAMA is a new meme coin that will surpass Dogecoin and Shiba Inu mostly because it has a strong use case and is highly deinflanatory, as 5% of used coins will be burned each month. This means that as time passes by, the coin will naturally gain in value.  

The Tamadoge game has gained popularity in the past month, and the project has recently launched a collection of 20,000 Common Tamadoge NFTs on OpenSea. The TAMA coin is currently available on OKX and OKX DEX platforms. 

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Casper – Developer-Friendly Enterprise Blockchain 

Casper is the first blockchain built on the CBS (Correct-by-Construction) specification that uses a proof-of-stake protocol. This makes Casper extremely user-friendly for dAAps, blockchain, and smart contacts developers. With its future-proof architecture, Casper ensures that the platform is constantly evolving and developing. The network is optimized to serve enterprises and developers by providing decentralization, enterprise-grade security, and scalability. The native coin of the Casper is CSRP, which is a coin that powers up the entire network. According to many analytics, Casper has a promising future, so if you are interested, you should purchase it now when the price is low.  

Investing in Crypto During the Bear Market? 

As our world is changing, so is the crypto world. Each day we can see new projects emerging with some exciting and unique ways you can invest and earn profit. Even though most investors that have invested in crypto before 2021 are not so happy about the current crypto market situation, this can be a great opportunity to invest for those who are only getting started.  

Investing in the bear market may seem like a bad decision, but this doesn’t have to be true, especially when talking about crypto. The market will probably recover sooner than we think and restore to what it was, and some of the more promising coins will cost more at that point. So investing in cheap coins that have potential seems like a good idea. Coins like IMPT, D2T, TAMA, and $RIA are all connected to strong industries that will only continue to grow their market cap.