Crosswise Multi-Chain Platform Set to Revolutionize the DEX Trading Experience

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is made up of multiple disparate projects and platforms that cannot efficiently interact with one another. Today, we have a blockchain world that is in disorder, fragmented, and difficult to scale and synchronize. During the internet era of the early 90s, the internet only went mainstream and boomed when it became affordable for anyone to build websites, apps, stores, and blogs. This is exactly what the blockchain and crypto industry needs at the moment.

There have been quite a few projects seeking to turn this around, but it appears Crosswise is in the lead here. The project intends to unify different chains, internet technologies, and trading tools. Crosswise aims to offer users, organizations, and enterprises a seamless platform to “plug-and-play” on an open internet.

Overview of the Crosswise Ecosystem

Crosswise is a next-generation, multi-chain decentralized exchange platform designed with in-built trading tools and rewards for users. The platform undoubtedly takes the trading experience to an entirely new level. Crosswise is a cross-blockchain Automated Market Maker (AMM) and Decentralized Application DApp, focusing on building a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain. The team plans to integrate Polygon, Polkadot, COSMOS, chains just to mention but a few.

Crosswise combines security, usability, vision, and stability to build an advanced interoperable ecosystem. With cross-chain capability, users can interact with blockchain-based assets using custodial or non-custodial wallets. This is done with user-friendly, secure, and premium trading tools. It is integrated with tight security, a friendly user interface, cross-chain hybrid smart contracts, verified listings, and the right tools perfectly designed for the trade. The DEX is a platform-as-a-service built for the exchange of crypto assets on a blockchain network.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) market is relatively new and full of untapped utility. Every DEX’s success depends on the platform’s functionality, portfolio tracking, efficient and effective trading tools, and native coin stability. Ensuring and fine-tuning all these essential areas is the fundamental mission of the Crosswise platform.

Features of the Crosswise Platform

The Launchpad

The Crosswise incubation and launchpad program aids budding entrepreneurs in launching their projects on the Crosswise DEX. The launchpad of the Crosswise multi-chain ecosystem helps these budding entrepreneurs to expand their user-base and gain access to more funding from potential investors.

Next-generation technology

The Crosswise multi-chain platform is designed with advanced technology and trading tools that make trading seamless for users. Its top-notch IT infrastructure offers users the best security, compatibility, uptime, and premium tools. The platform also provides users with premium customer support and a ticket system.

Premium user experience and tools

Crosswise is designed with excellent tools like DEX Order Book, Analytics, Explorer, Price Charts, Account stats, Affiliate Areas, and clean UI for a smooth trading experience.

Crosswise Tokenomics and Presale

The maximum supply of the $CRSS token is 50,000,000, no team tokens, and 8% of the emission goes to the Dev Wallet. On the other hand, half of the rewards (50%) given for liquidity farming and pools will be in $XCRSS. This will be linearly vested into $CRSS in 5 months, while 20% will be unlocked every month. The XCRSS token is used as a farm reward to incentivize users to stake in the platform, while the CRSS token is the utility token that powers the platform.

Crosswise pre-sale starts October 27, 2021 (just 11 days from now). You can register for the whitelist here and stay updated about the upcoming project. For more details about the project, read the litepaper or join the online community on telegram, Twitter, and Medium.