Clickmas is Over Get Ready for Lunaclick! | by | Jan, 2024

The holiday season at was more thrilling than ever, thanks to our exciting Clickmas campaign where over 3000 people participated! As we wrap up this fantastic event, were thrilled to announce the winners who clicked their way to victory!

Our Clickmas contest showcased the incredible enthusiasm and dedication of our community. After a fierce competition, we are delighted to reveal the top performers who have earned their prizes in VERSE tokens. Here are the victorious addresses:

  • 0x932a1d91C8B593d7baB4D991A541798DE1e50066 Grand Prize Winner! ($500)
  • 0xF2c161794DD81D9C1D58e0A7C201a52a340158Ad Runner Up ($225)
  • 0xbc7E3fb148bCC5E109A4604922306b8354Ce5d30 Second Runner Up ($135)
  • 0x49f957bb1419a2BC8A10cF6d3bb9f70F5d8EC7C3 $20
  • 0xE41457ba6ad03134fDB8f6Cc71C4e9c821B6c813 $20
  • 0x23323b5AdF1d5F1b1d2613dB37B02Af750c017a6 $20
  • 0x5Ced862631125122b7177BA91438F74F22007632 $20
  • 0xCA06380E2074A3b1F922e5920f1fD704Ce97F93e $20
  • 0x81bEB5d0FE0a5FA8b23446a61326BF235AE80C9B $20
  • 0xfB272016EC4E52d31233Bc71DF1bac4A119f92A3 $20
  • 0x2d3a157968C5B6F742af0b901aAD7659D5cCC0f7 Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0xF8fD2cbA3D36FDC01120142902d31bE56f8bB25A Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0xa6850d652B467b90d570e30D16aD102a15295aE9 Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0xe4eb8DE21c0c68d3bca21458E15b3a61D2eE6b4d Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x00444F36B604397064148701A179b3Fd7AD61879 Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0xBA5c47CAc94161Aa35c58455094cc2229f77764D Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x3f9a173796C79A721e9dDF5fede267bfAC85e2E9 Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x180b4c5C2154DF44BA1Bc95368401efD53640DBF Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x6433B760bc611C77D4Fd0043926AC472060B4DaC Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x3A51f586549809682Be1B9DD4299Db0506CEbDfd Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x09B5d2847D64F8257099A9D81346B4CdAEd5BA33 Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x13Cd686aa2dcA8fa5DE5f62005e565567fA66C1D Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0xc2C4878433C9aCBBbde74B8A93EE0e5762A21C1e Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x3bCEc186f5d758A4c84D67167F1f4c34BC83ebCB Scratch & Win ticket
  • 0x2b66D42e9F379c33B0F5404085141Bfd7bAA5cA9 Scratch & Win ticket

The transaction confirming the prize distribution can be viewed on PolygonScan here.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who joined in the Clickmas spirit. Your participation and enthusiasm are what make events like this a huge success.

The excitement doesnt end here! Were already gearing up for the next Clicker campaign, Lunaclick, which is set to launch next month just in time for the Chinese New Year. This is your chance to dive back into the fun and stand a chance to win even more. Stay tuned for more details!

Our Clickmas campaign, launched on December 22, 2023, was a unique blend of gaming fun and the chance to earn up to $500 in VERSE tokens. Players engaged in our addictive Verse Clicker game, striving to climb to the top of the leaderboard by January 5, 2024.

  • Grand prize: $500
  • 2nd place: $225
  • Third place: $135
  • Top ten: $20 each
  • Top 25: Free Verse Scratcher scratch & win ticket

Participants utilized strategic clicking, upgrades, and boosts from Verse Scratcher to enhance their scores. The detailed game mechanics and strategies are available here.

As we look forward to more engaging campaigns, we remain committed to providing exceptional experiences that blend the world of gaming with cryptocurrency rewards. Stay informed and ready for our upcoming adventures!

Dont forget to join our community on Telegram and share your Clickmas experiences and excitement for the upcoming campaign. Lets keep the spirit alive!

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