Catchy Finance Cashes In On An Untapped Goldmine With The Spaces First Telegram Wallet Tracker

Over the course of our tenure here at Gem Hodlers, we’ve seen some wild statistics that say that a rather shockingly large percentage of crypto holders have active Telegram accounts and use it to track their investments in one way or another. What’s even more shocking is that there is this amount of crypto holders that use Telegram, but no project who’ve attacked this specific use case surrounding the niche in itself. It’s practically a gold mine, and a previously untapped gold mine at that. Until today that is!

Introducing Catchy Finance, the first Telegram multi-chain wallet tracker! A seemingly very simple idea that Catchy has managed to turn into a massive usecase and build a very impressive project around.

The entire project centers around a very simple yet elegent idea: providing crypto asset tracking tools to Telegram users within Telegram itself. That’s right, no sketchy third-party apps here! All users have to do to use Catchy is join the group, message the bot, and add your wallet address. It’s really that simple!

Currently Catchy serves two networks: Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum, and offers it’s crypto enthusaiasts and Telegram users a punch-packed product, featuring a multi-chain wallet watcher that can track multiple addresses, price alerts to ensure you get the information you need to boost your profits, and even snipe bot tools if you choose to utilize them.

The projects website itself is well presented and very helpful in clearing up any confusion that may cross a users path, showcawsing walk-throughs and videos of the product itself. So if you’re interested but clueless (we know… it happens sometimes) then we are confident that their website will serve you to perfection!

Given that they are already listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, we would say that it’s safe to categorize Catchy in the very same category as that of fine wine; very simple, yet highly elegant (and very useful if you utilize it correctly). Grab your glove and get Catchy!

Token Information:
Catchy (CATCHY)
BSC Contract: 0x2789604Fe261ADC1aED3927f41277D8bFfe33C36
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