Cardano Recovers Following an Outage on 50% Nodes

The Cardano network recovers after it experienced an outage this weekend for a brief amount of time, affecting 50% of its relay and block-generating nodes.

The Telegram SPO for Input Output Global, the developer of the Cardano blockchain, stated an anomaly caused the outage.

“This appears to have been triggered by a transient anomaly causing one of two reactions in the node; some disconnected from a peer, others threw an exception and restarted,” the team tweeted. 

They added such transient issues were considered in the design of the Cardano-node and consensus and the systems behaved exactly as expected.

The anomaly occurred between block 8300569 and 8300570 which caused approximately 50% of Cardano nodes to disconnect and restart. The block production was only briefly impacted with a portion of the network falling out of sync before nodes restarted. 

The impact on Cardano was low and most nodes automatically recovered depending on the SPO deployment choice, without any network restart. Investigations are still ongoing to determine what caused the anomaly and subsequent node disconnections and restarts.

In contrast to the Solana network, Cardano recovered within minutes of the outage. Solana experiences network congestion most of the time as it tries to manage a spike in transactions. Recently, Solflare Wallet implemented priority gas fees in Solana contributing to the stability of the platform.