Can Ethereum Price Reach $100,000 ever?

Ethereum has held up better in Bitcoin’s slipstream over the past few weeks than it did at the start of the year. The Ethereum price lost against Bitcoin in the first few weeks of 2023 and was able to keep up with Bitcoin again in the spring. With the Shanghai update, a more important step towards Ethereum 2.0 was recently taken. But how high is the potential for the Ethereum price in the coming years and is the $100,000 mark ever possible?

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How has the Ethereum price moved in the last few weeks?

The Ethereum price has seen more of a sideways movement in the last few weeks. After strong gains in the first 6 weeks of the year and at the end of March, the Ether token price stabilized at a high level.

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Ethereum (ETH) price in the last 30 days, source:

While the Ethereum price was not able to rise as much as the Bitcoin price, especially in the first quarter of 2023, Ethereum has performed comparatively well in the second quarter so far as Bitcoin. In the last few weeks, the ETH price has mostly moved in the range between 1,800 and 1,850 US dollars. 

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How high can the ETH price rise in the coming years and decades?

Ethereum has existed since 2015 and has seen extremely strong price increases in the last 8 years . The next step for the Ethereum course would be a five-digit course and thus an increase to $ 10,000. Some analysts already saw this course in the last bull market. But in the coming bull market 2024 / 2025, Ethereum should be able to reach this value. 

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However, it is difficult to predict whether the Ethereum price can continue to rise so strongly in the coming bull markets. For this, Ethereum would have to experience another adaptation. The Bitcoin course also has the Bitcoin Halvings a mathematical way to higher and higher courses. The Ethereum course should be able to keep up with the Bitcoin course in percentage terms or even increase more. 

If Ethereum can continue to keep its promises in the coming years and decades, a price increase for the Ether token is still very likely. With a continuous growth of the network and more and more new applications and adaptations, the Ethereum price could increase as much as the Bitcoin price.

Can Ethereum Price Ever Reach $100,000?

The question is whether the Ethereum price can actually reach $100,000 one day. The Bitcoin price should very likely be able to reach this value in the next bull market. Theoretically, there is nothing standing in the way of an Ethereum price of $100,000 in the coming bull markets. 

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If the Ethereum price ever reaches the $100,000 mark, this should probably not be the case for at least 10 years. This would be the bull market in the early 2030s, the third from now. At the moment it is extremely difficult to predict whether Ethereum can maintain this price development in the next 10 years. But the possibility still exists. 

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