BTC vs ETH – Which Major Crypto Will Provide More Gains In 2023

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the two biggest cryptocurrencies of the world, and the two that many new crypto investors turn to. Over the last 12 months, as of November 23, both have experienced huge dips in value. Bitcoin is down 71.50% in that time, while Ether is down 61.01%.

Both are starting to trend up more recently, though. While it’s only been modest wins, any move to the positive is seen as optimistic for these two coins. But, which major crypto will provide more gains in 2023?

We’ll take a look at that below, as well as dive into four other crypto projects that are bound for even higher gains in 2023 — Dash 2 Trade (D2T) , RobotEra (TARO), IMPT, and Calvaria (RIA).

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Many Investors Prefer ETH over BTC

Bitcoin will almost always have more overall value than Ethereum, but that doesn’t mean it’s the better investment. To wit, Bitcoin’s price as of November 23 is right around $16,400, while Ethereum sits around $19.33. That’s a stark contrast, of course, but it doesn’t tell the story of what’s ahead.

Ether is the preferred investment over BTC in 2023 for many, in no small part because of the potential it provides. The world’s second-largest blockchain already went through the Merge in early fall, which was done to increase transaction speed and lower costs. It’s very likely that more upgrades are coming in the next year, too, which could vault its value even higher.

So, while Bitcoin will almost always have more overall value per-unit, ETH may be the major crypto that will provide more gains in 2023.

That being said, the four crypto projects listed below are primed for even bigger gains in 2023 than either ETH or BTC.

Dash 2 Trade Providing Amazing Crypto Insights

Crypto traders can rejoice knowing they now have a trading insights platform that’s geared specifically for them. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a new insights and data platform that provides crypto traders with buy and sell signals, a back-testing feature, weekly prediction contests and so much more.

One of the highlights of the platform is the social signals it provides. This allows traders to see what’s being talked about online, which gives them an inside look at where the future value of crypto projects could go.

LBank has already agreed to list D2T on its exchange once all Presale Stages have completed, which is a huge boost for the project’s legitimacy and potential growth. This makes now the best time to buy Dash 2 Trade, as it’s still in Presale Stages.

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RobotEra Allowing People to Create

RobotEra (TARO) is putting the power of creation in the hands of people all across the world. On this sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse, users can create whatever they can imagine by using resources from the planet, creating robot companions and amazing experiences and entire universes.

They can then invite other robots to take part in all they’ve created and even collaborate on bigger and better projects. Through RobotEra, multiple NFT communities will be created on the platform, providing an amazing use case for the $TARO token that will be at the heart of the ecosystem.

As such, the value of this crypto is bound for solid gains in 2023. Since it’s in Presale now, there’s no better time to jump in on the investment.

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IMPT Making the World a Better Place

It’s not an overstatement to say that IMPT is making the world a better place to live. By bringing the carbon offset market to the blockchain, IMPT is allowing individuals to buy, sell and retire carbon credits, which helps them lower their own carbon footprint. They can also do so by making everyday purchases from any of the thousands of international brands IMPT has partnered with.

With the carbon offset market on the decentralized blockchain, everything is transparent, which prevents against fraud and double counting. This makes the ultra-important market more efficient and effective, which helps to fight against climate change.

Buy IMPT now, as it’s still in Presale Stages with solid prices.

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Calvaria Bringing in New Gamers, and Having Them Stay

Calvaria (RIA) is a new P2E project that’s attracting new gamers in a massive way, and is getting them to stick around for the long haul, too. All of this starts with the fact that its new battle card game, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, is a ton of fun to play and very addictive.

Gamers can play on multiple universes with multiple characters, each who have specific powers and abilities. Players earn various rewards along the way for accomplishing different feats in any of the game’s modes, which increases the value of their NFTs and the $RIA token at the same time.

In addition, Calvaria is making its game available on a free version as well. This allows those gamers who aren’t familiar with crypto gaming to try it on for size for no upfront investment. They can play the game, see how much they love it and be educated about how P2E works along the way.

This is a novel approach to new gamer acquisition and retention, and it’s working wonders already. Calvaria is in Presale Stages now, so don’t delay any longer.

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These Four Cryptos Are Better Buys Than BTC and ETH

While many investors seem to prefer ETH over BTC as the major crypto that will provide more gains in 2023, smaller crypto projects such as Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, IMPT and Calvaria are all primed for even bigger gains in the year ahead.

Now is the best time to buy all four of these crypto projects, as they are in various Presale Stages. If you don’t act now, you’re likely to miss out on the best prices available and, as a result, the maximum ROI.