Breaking Ground Towards A Brighter Future With HNW

In these strange and trying times we all look for ways to make our lives better and secure our future.

HNW, short for High Net Worth, was launched in October 2021 with the purpose of giving small and large investors a chance to make a change in their lives.

Since it’s inception, the team behind HNW has been working around the clock to develop projects and tokens that have real world applications.

To start with, they introduced their main token – HNW. This token is the foundation of the HNW eco-system and is referred to as the stakeholder’s token. By holding and staking this token, investors are rewarded with a portion of the proceeds of future projects and taxes associated with the trading of the tokens.

This was followed by the HNW NFTs, which are designed to be an income-generating asset. Holders of the NFTs benefit from the fees that are generated with each transaction and from income generated from future utilities. There is Obsidian, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze NFTs – all of them earning a passive income proportional to the value of the NFT. All NFTs have been sold, and many investors are enjoying their weekly rewards and are looking forward to seeing their NFTs increase in value. The NFTs are tradable on the NFT markets and as the ecosystem grows, the value of the NFT will increase.

The HFuel token was launched in December 2021, and designed to be the fuel that runs the eco-system. As more projects are launched on the HNW platform, the HFUEL token will become the workhorse for the ecosystem and very beneficial to any investor’s portfolio.

The HNW team is working on a number of projects that will be launched in the coming months. The first to launch will be the Refinery – an investment project with low risk and high returns, paying out each between 0.8 and 1.2% daily interest. While a final date has not yet been set, the team aims to launch the Refinery no later than mid-April. Their main objective is to launch a solid project, where any possible problems have been ironed out before they can occur.

The HNW Launchpad is also in the final stages of development and is going through extensive testing before launching. The Launchpad is based on a “Pay to Play” model and where no project tokens are taken as payment to the Launch pad, freeing the project from worries about being dumped on when a project might be vulnerable. A project can launch its token as an unvetted or vetted project, where vetted projects will through an independent auditing process.

HNW is also a full-service company that offers a wide range of services from development to marketing.

That brings us to the driving force behind HNW – the team.

Not wishing to be a fly-by-night business, HNW has carefully selected the people it works with, and the result is a team of hardworking, successful and skilled professional. High caliber devs, graphic designers, website developers, marketers, sales staff and moderators are hard at work to make HNW a solid and reliable company to invest in.

A board of 13 members oversees the company and uses it vast experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly and fairly.

Keep an eye out for future products and projects on the HWN platform. They have big plans that you do not want to miss out on.

Visit their website for more information or join the community and tune in to one of the daily AMAs.